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See, talk, and toss treats from the Furbo app,
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Furbo app, combined with Furbo device, can revolutionize how you care for, interact with and train your pooch. You can download the dog-monitoring app on your favorite Apple or Android device, hook your Furbo up to your home Wi-Fi network and start using the pet cam app within minutes. What a great way to spend time with your dog when you can’t actually be there!
Know of Emergencies
What if you’re away and your furbaby is in distress? Furbo sends you a notification on your phone when it detects barking. You can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor or turn off the notification anytime. Furbo’s dog monitor app for iPhone and Android lets you monitor the smallest member of your family with ease.

To give you the most accurate alerts possible, Furbo is designed to calibrate the natural audio of your home environment in order to ignore background noise. With Furbo Dog Camera, you can enjoy peace of mind by checking in on your dog any time.
Capture the Precious Moments
Adorable and funny incidents can happen at any time when you’re a pet parent — even when you’re not home. With Furbo, you don’t have to miss out on these special moments because you’re away.
It is not only a dog monitor app for mobile devices, Furbo lets you capture important events easily. Snap a photo or record a video with one simple click. Photos and videos will be saved automatically on your smartphone with our seamless dog camera app.

Whether you want to capture one of many cute moments or capture the evidence of some bad behavior - you’ll never have to miss an important moment again.
Share with the World
Why should you be the only one to enjoy all the special moments and hilarious antics of your furbaby? With one tap of Furbo app, you can share all the precious moments with friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms. Furbo will provide hours of hilarious, touching and entertaining content for everyone to enjoy.
Even when you’re not home, Furbo, your dog monitoring camera, lets you capture photos and video of your dog and share with your friends and followers instantly. With one click of a button, everyone can revel in the cuteness you see every day.
One app. For any device.
Furbo app works with any iOS, Android compatible device and Apple Watch. It makes checking in and having fun with your furbabies so easy even when you're not home.
Always be together, even when you're miles apart.
30-day money
back gurantee
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The Furbo Dog App

Furbo app is a pet camera app that lets you take photos and videos of your dog, toss treats or speak to your pup. Simple icons on the main screen make it intuitive to navigate. Choose the video or photo option on our dog monitoring app, tap the treat icon or select the two-way talk feature to talk to your favorite furry family member.

With this puppy cam app, you can completely control your Furbo device at home, no matter where you happen to be. With the pet monitor app, you can use your Apple or Android device to:

  • Reward your pup with a treat or two
  • Take photos or videos
  • Check to see how your four-legged family member is doing
  • Control your Furbo device
  • Reassure yourself all is well at home while you’re on the go
  • Ensure your furbaby can hear your voice

Order Furbo today and download our dog watching app so you can see, talk to and toss treats to your precious pup from anywhere using your phone! Whether you are in another room or another country, Furbo app lets you stay connected.

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