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Bring Joy and Innovation to Every Pet Lover in the World


The relationship we share with our pets is truly one of a kind, and we are passionate about strengthening this bond. We believe pets are family and family always look after each other. So we came up with a simple idea to always be together with our furry loved ones. 

Every morning when we leave home for work, our dog would give us those sad puppy eyes that break our heart as we shut the door behind us. It feels awful, but we simply don’t have any other choice. We started talking to more dog parents and discovered that they had this same pain of leaving dogs at home alone. They shared their stories with us about how they couldn’t bear to be apart from their dogs for too long; they would leave dinners with friends early to rush back home to their dogs; they would call in sick at work to be with their sick dogs; and they would even skip vacations because they couldn’t bring dogs along.


One dog parent’s comment really struck us: “Dogs spend most of their lives waiting for us at home.” We’re always apart from our furbabies, but all we ever wanted is to always be together. That’s when we set out on a mission to create a simple way for us to always be together with our dogs.

Furbo-focus group

We talked with over 5000 dog parents to get their input on product design, features, packaging, and everything in between. From the very beginning, Furbo was created for dogs by dog lovers. We’ve also worked closely with veterinarians and professional dog trainers to ensure Furbo is good for your dog. In truth, Furbo wasn’t just created by our team, it was created by a whole community of dogs parents that wanted the very best for our puppies.



JUNE 2014: The Furbo idea is born
JULY 2014: Concept testing & market research
DECEMBER 2014: First 3D-printed prototype
JANUARY 2015: Product & market testing - learn dog parents’ feedback on Furbo
FEBUARY 2015: iOS & Android app development; Second 3D-printed prototype
MARCH 2015: Second product & market testing- define Furbo’s MVP feature set
APRIL 2015: Full function prototype; Tooling
MAY 2015: Private beta user testing
JUNE 2015: Engineering validation testing (EVT)
JULY 2015: Design validation testing (DVT)
AUGUST 2015: Production validation testing (PVT); Packaging design
SEPTEMBER 2015: Small-scale production (500 pieces ready)
OCTOBER 2015: User-experience testing (500 users)
DECEMBER 2015: Electric & hardware refinement
FEBRUARY 2016: Software user-experience testing
JUNE 2016: Most successful pet tech project on crowdfunding

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Our Team

Tomofun is an international tech startup founded in 2014 by Victor Chang and Steve Chang, Chairman of Trend Micro. We are a dedicated group of innovators with collective experiences across leading technology and consumer product companies, including: Trend Micro, MakerBot, Ubitus, Young & Rubicam, GOMAJI, CorelDRAW, and KKBOX.

Victor Chang - CEO


The CEO of Tomofun, Victor is a curious entrepreneur with big ideas. His dream is to bring joy and innovation to every pet lover.

Steve Chang - Mentor


A legend in the cybersecurity sector, Steve is an invaluable mentor to Tomofun. He’s constantly coaching the team to dream big and aim high.

Join Us

We are a passionate team aiming to bring remarkable products that not only solve pet owners’ problems, but most of all - bring happiness to our furry loved ones!


One thing is blissfully obvious to anyone who walks through our front doors: We have fun at work. We believe pets make humans better people – and offices more productive. In late 2014, we adopted an office kitty named Kiki. And like most pet parents, we love spoiling her with belly rubs and kisses. As a pet-friendly office, we welcome our team to also bring their pets to work and join in the fun.

We’re always looking to expand our pack. Feel free to email us at hr@furbo.com and tell us more about yourself.
Job openings: Social Media Marketing Intern, Content & Community Marketing Manager.

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