Dog Barking Alerts

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or is still learning not to bark all the time, a “stop dog barking app” may seem appealing. There are many apps on the market that promise to soothe your dog with music or with noise when they bark. Unfortunately, these require you to leave a mobile device at home and may not work. They also give you no way of checking to see whether the app even works.
app to make dog stop barking
Barking Alerts

A stop barking dog app should be able to tell you when your dog is barking. How else are you supposed to be able to address barking issues? If you're looking for an app to make your dog stop barking, Furbo may be a solution you want to consider.

Furbo sends barking alerts right to your mobile phone. This allows you to use the app to check to see why your dog is barking and to soothe them if they need it. Furbo also lets you see how often your dog really is barking, since it alerts you each time it happens. The technology ensures ambient and background noises are filtered out so you get alerts when your dog is barking — not when other noises are being made. Best of all, you can turn the alerts on or turn off as needed.

Two-Way Communication

It’s great to have an app to stop dogs from barking, but what are you supposed to do when you’re told your dog is barking through a notification? The best app to stop dog barking is one that allows you to address barking in the first place.

Furbo has two-way audio communication as well as video communication from your home to your mobile device. This means when you get an alert that your dog is barking, you can communicate with him or her, send treats, soothe them with your voice and take other appropriate steps to calm them down.

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Treat Dispensing and Clicker Training

You can also use the free app to dispense treats at any time. You can dispense them after issuing commands or just to spoil your favorite furry baby. Treat dispensing can help you train your dog remotely and help you reward your dog when he or she is being quiet. Furbo makes a clicking sound for dispensing treats, making it compatible with clicker training.

When your dog needs extra love, treats can be a great way to spoil them. Treat dispensing can also help you sleuth out why your dog barks. Is it because he or she hears other noises? Does the dispenser make them react? If so, knowing this lets you address the issue.

Lights Your Dog Can See

Furbo has lights and colors your dog can see. This ensures your dog knows when you are about to interact with him or her, ensuring your dog walks up to the camera so you can see your furbaby and can see everything is all right.

With many cameras, you have to wait until the dog approaches the camera to see what's going on. With Furbo, you can see for yourself what is happening with your furriest family member at any moment. The lights were designed with input from vets and engineers, so they are designed for the way canine eyes work.

furbo dog camera lights your dog can see
best app to stop dog barking
Your Mobility App

Furbo includes a free app for Android and Apple phones. The free app allows you to use all the functionalities of Furbo no matter where you are. With the app, you can monitor your dog, take photos, take videos, share videos and photos with social media, dispense treats and more. Whether you want to share videos with Facebook and Twitter or you want to hear your littlest family member barking, your app can make it happen. Your Furbo app also lets you set up or turn off barking alerts, allowing you to be notified when your dog starts barking.

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