Dog Camera with Dog Activity Alerts

Ever wonder what your dog is up to all day? As doggie parents, we often fear the worst. Is our pup lonely and sad? Or are they getting into trouble and making a mess? With Furbo Dog Camera, you no longer have to wonder.
App Alerts

Using a free app you can easily download on your Android or Apple phone, you can sneak a peek 24/7. With its 1080p HD camera with four times zoom, Furbo offers a 160-degree, wide-angle view of your puppy's surroundings. It also allows you talk to your dog using two-way communication, and toss them treats now and then.

But what about when we're not able to watch our dog using our phone? What if something happens? Furbo has taken the concerns of all puppy parents to heart and has come up with a solution — Smart Dog Alerts. These are real-time notifications delivered straight to your smart-phone informing you about your pup's activities and behaviors. One of the most useful Smart Dog Alerts is the Dog Activity Alert.

How Dog Activity Alerts Work

Do you ever wonder about your dog's secret life? Now, you can get a glimpse into it with Furbo's AI-powered dog recognition. This smart technology grows and adapts to your home environment and detects when your dog is doing various activities using machine vision. Furbo then immediately sends a Dog Activity Alert to your smartphone, so you can watch a live stream and see what's up.

If your dog is enjoying a harmless activity, you can sit back and have fun as you watch them play. However, if you need to address the behavior, Furbo's two-way communication function allows you to speak to your dog, issue commands or offer treats to get them to calm down.

dog activity alert
Your Dog's Daily Timeline

Furbo Dog Camera keeps track of all the Dog Activity Alerts you get throughout the day and stores them in a daily timeline, which you can access via the Furbo app. The calendar allows you to review your pet's day and breaks down the different behaviors and events your dog exhibited.

This feature is useful in helping you continue your dog's training process, as it may clue you in on different behaviors you should address. It also enables you to identify irregularities or patterns your dog displays. This is an excellent tool to recognize the characteristics of separation anxiety your pup may be experiencing.

Growing and Learning

As more people utilize Furbo's dog recognition technology, the AI that powers it will get more intelligent. This means Furbo will get smarter and be able to notify you about more of your dog's daily events.

Take advantage of Smart Dog Alerts including Dog Activity Alerts. This premium service, offered only by Furbo Dog Camera, will help you have peace of mind every time you have to leave your dog home alone. Order Furbo today.

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