Dog Camera With AI Dog Recognition

The next step forward for Furbo is the introduction of a more intuitive model — an AI-powered dog camera that features Smart Dog Alerts.
AI-Powered Dog Recognition Technology

Using AI-powered dog recognition, Furbo now has the power to keep you updated about what your pup is up to at home. This technology features a self-learning machine, so it's always getting smarter. Its computer vision can detect the various activities your dog participates in throughout the day. As the AI technology learns, it's continually evolving, giving you Smart Dog Alerts to let you know about your dog's patterns and behaviors.

Smart Dog Alerts

An essential feature of Furbo Dog Camera's latest technology is the Smart Dog Alerts. These are real-time notifications delivered to your smartphone that inform you about different behaviors your pup is exhibiting throughout their day. This aspect includes a daily timeline, which breaks down these events and allows you to recognize patterns or irregularities in your dog's activities. Dog parents can receive three Smart Dog Alerts via notifications on their smartphones.

smart dog alerts
Dog Activity Alert

If your pup gets a spurt of energy and starts zooming around the house, or if they seem to be getting into mischief, you'll receive a Dog Activity Alert from Furbo, allowing you to take a peek and see what's going on. This feature is great for recognizing signs of separation anxiety or for letting you know when your pup might need to hear your voice. Then, utilize the treat dispenser or two-way communication to calm them down.

Dog Selfie Alert

Can you imagine anything better than receiving a selfie from your pup? With Furbo's AI technology, it recognizes when your dog is staring straight at the camera, snaps a shot and sends you the adorable pic within the Dog Selfie Alert notification.

AI selfie alert
Person Alert

As an added security measure, Furbo recognizes the presence of other humans and will let you know anytime it detects someone in your home. It could be someone you expect, but if it is an intruder, you'll be the first to know.

As more people utilize Furbo's AI capabilities, this technology will continue to develop, allowing you to receive more advanced detections and alerts. To experience the peace of mind only Furbo Dog Camera can bring to a doggie parent, order your own Furbo today.

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