Dog Camera That Takes Pictures

Furbo Dog Camera is the perfect way to stay connected with your pooch while you're away from home. With an HD quality camera, you can enjoy loveable, shareable pictures all day long no matter where you are.
Furbo's AI Technology

We all worry about our dogs when we leave the house. Will they be okay? Will they get into mischief? Stop wondering today. Furbo offers incredible peace of mind by allowing dog parents to peek into their pup's world at home. Using the Furbo mobile app, you can watch your dog in real-time with clear, HD quality video on your smartphone. Two-way audio and treat tossing allow an even greater measure of connection, giving you a chance to talk to your dog and give them a yummy surprise.

However, one of the greatest advantages Furbo offers is the ability to get the cutest photos and videos of your pup. Even when you're not watching, Furbo's AI-powered dog recognition can detect what your dog is doing and allow your pooch to snap selfies. You'll love getting alerts on your phone with your pup's happy face looking back at you.

Dog Selfie Alert

As much as we love to spy on our four-legged friends, maybe we're not the only one who wants to connect. Furbo's advanced AI technology can detect if your dog is facing the camera and snap a dog selfie, then send it directly to your phone in an adorable alert.

Furbo is equipped with blue and yellow indicator lights, the only two colors a dog can see. When the light turns blue, this lets your pup know that you're watching. When that light turns on, they'll hear your voice and get tossed a couple of treats. Once they get used to it, they'll know that Furbo is their way to connect with you. A yellow light indicates you're not currently watching or interacting with them.

After a while, they'll know to turn to Furbo if they want to hear your voice or get a little snack. This is where the selfie alert comes in handy. Not only will you get the best doggie selfie shots ever, but it will also let you know that your pooch is looking to Furbo and probably needs some extra attention from you.

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Share Every Goofy Moment

Whether you get a pic of your dog's goofy grin or an up-close shot of their schnoz, you're sure to save all these fun pics to your phone's camera roll. But why keep them to yourself? Share them with your friends and family on social media, or make your doggie instafamous with an account of their own. Everyone will love to see the hijinks your pup gets up to when they think no one is watching. Pretty soon, your dog may have more followers than you do.

The primary goal of Furbo Dog Camera is to ensure you have the happiest pup. Any trace of loneliness will melt away the moment they hear your voice or get a treat. Purchase your own Furbo today.

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