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When you purchase Furbo Dog Camera, it comes with access to Furbo's free app for Android and Apple phones.This fantastic feature allows you to spy on your pup no matter where you are.
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Furbo App

We all love spending quality time with our loveable dogs, but long hours at work mean we lose some of those precious moments. We miss our pups and wish there was a way to see if they're doing okay at home alone. Now, there's an app for that. Take a peek while grocery shopping or utilize the two-way communication feature during your lunch break.

The Furbo app is easy to use and offers versatile features that make every moment between you and your dog a precious memory. Plus, it sends you alerts if your dog is barking or another person enters your home. This offers an added measure of security to provide you with peace of mind. Let's find out some of the app features you can enjoy with Furbo.

Live Video

Furbo Dog Camera utilizes the latest technology to provide crisp, clear picture quality while watching a live video of your pup. Not only does Furbo allow you to see your dog anytime, but the HD quality camera provides impressive detail, so you don't miss a thing. You can even tell if they've gotten into something they shouldn't. With Furbo, you can connect to your pup during the busiest part of your day, giving yourself a little retreat to enjoy some doggy downtime.

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Night Vision

If you've got late night errands to run, that's no problem for Furbo. Even when it's dark outside, Furbo has night vision so you can see if your dog is sleeping sound or up and about. Regardless of lighting conditions, Furbo's infrared LED night vision ensures you don't miss a thing. You can also use this for crate training. Check your dog's progress without getting out of bed and make sure they're adjusting to their crate environment without getting them stirred up.

Treat Tossing

Whether it's your pup who has the separation anxiety or you, the ability to toss some special treats to your dog is the perfect solution. It's a great way to comfort and spoil your furry friend while you're not home. You can also toss treats to spur your dog's interactions with the Furbo Dog Camera. Furbo is outfitted with lights in colors your dog can see. When it turns blue, your dog will know you're watching, and they'll come begging for a few treats.

Furbo is also great for reinforcing training. You can use the two-way audio to issue commands, and before tossing a treat, Furbo will make a "clicking" noise similar to that used during clicker training. This amazing feature gives you the opportunity to play with your pup remotely.

two way speaker

Treats are great, but hearing your voice will make your dog even happier. Tell your pup how good they are and how much you love them. They may not be able to understand all your words, but the sound of your voice will comfort them, especially if they're barking or struggling with separation anxiety. If they're up to a little bit of mischief, the sound of your voice will let them know their puppy parent is watching.

Video and Pictures

Every proud dog lover has about a million pictures and video of their pooch. With Furbo, you don't have to miss those cute, lovable moments when you're not home. With a simple tap on the screen, you can record precious memories or take photos. Then, you can share them in real-time on Facebook, Instagram or other social media accounts. You can even start a social media account just for your dog to show the world how wonderful they are.

Don't miss one more amazing moment. Purchase Furbo today and take advantage of all these amazing app features.

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