Dog Camera with Person Alerts

Your dog is a beloved member of your family, which sometimes makes it hard to leave them home alone. You worry if they'll be lonely, but you also worry about not being there if an emergency arises.
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Furbo Person Alerts

What will happen to your dog if a stranger enters your home? Furbo Dog Camera understands the concerns of every dog parent and seeks to offer a little peace of mind. Not only does Furbo's HD quality camera allow you to watch a real-time video feed via an app on your smartphone, but other incredible features will enable you to interact with your pup like never before.

Even with Furbo, it's not possible to watch our pups every moment of every day — that's where Smart Dog Alerts come in handy. Furbo's AI-powered technology informs you about any changes you need to be aware of. You will receive a notification on your smartphone when your pup is barking or when they're engaging in some sort of activity, and you'll even get a selfie alert every time they face the camera.

One of the most helpful features Furbo offers that gives puppy parents an added boost of security is the Person Alert.

Person Alert Notification

Whether you live alone or have a busy household, the security of your home — and your beloved pooch inside — tend to be at the forefront of our minds every time we leave the house. Furbo gives you a glimpse into what's going on when you step out the front door. Although most Smart Dog Alerts that Furbo sends to your phone have to do with what your pup is up to, the Person Alert notifies you when there is another human in the home.

Furbo's AI-powered dog recognition technology can tell the difference between your active pup and a person. When a human comes into view, Furbo sends a notification directly to your smartphone. At that point, you can open the app and view the live stream video to determine who it is.

There are many advantages of Person Alert notifications. If an intruder has broken into your home, you will be the first to know. Instead of waiting until you arrive home to discover a break-in, you can call the authorities immediately and hopefully prevent damage or theft. Another benefit is to ensure your pup is receiving proper care from any hired assistance. For instance, if you hire a dog walker, you can make sure they take your dog out at the right times and are giving them the attention they deserve.

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Order Furbo Dog Camera for Added Peace of Mind

If you get a little anxious about leaving your dog, turn to the most trusted dog security camera on the market. Furbo Dog Camera is more than just a way to peek in on your pup. The Smart Dog Alerts ensure you know exactly what's happening at home, including the presence of any visitors — expected or unexpected. Person Alerts are just one reason Furbo is a step above the rest. Give yourself the peace of mind that only Furbo provides and order yours today.

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