Remote training.
Know of emergencies.
Never miss a moment.

Working closely with vets and dog trainers,
Furbo is designed to stimulate a dog’s unique
hearing and vision senses.

“Remote interaction helps train your dogs and comfort them when they are home alone.”
- Dog trainers

Barking Alert

A dog’s bark is their warning system and their way of communicating with you. What happens when you can’t hear it?

Furbo’s smart technology detects barking and sends push notifications to your iPhone or Android. No matter why your dog is barking, you can always check what’s going on at home and calm them down. With the barking alert, you don’t have to monitor video constantly to know when they’re upset.

Designed to filter out normal noise and adjustable for sensitivity, Furbo sends alerts only when your pooch barks, so you can offer comfort instantly.

Train Your Dog with Positive Reinforcement

Furbo mimics the most fun human-dog interaction – treat tossing. Furbo is a dog video camera designed with the help of dog trainers and vets to offer the best experience for you and your furbaby. Similar to clicker training, Furbo makes a “clicking” sound before tossing a treat. This helps your dog establish a positive feeling towards Furbo. You can finally play with your dog and reward them remotely.

Experts agree — smart training is consistent training. With a dog video chat camera, you can continue learning together even when you’re away.

Let Your Dog Know You Are There

Dog monitor cameras are great for checking in on your pup, but what if you want to talk to them? Furbo takes this into consideration with its two-way communication feature that lets you speak to your pooch no matter where you are.

Furbo’s light indicator uses the colors dogs can see – yellow and blue. When you open the app, Furbo’s light indicator changes from yellow to blue to attract your dog's attention. Your furbaby will learn to associate the blue light with your voice and will head to the device so they can hear from you!

Interactive Mode
Sleep Mode

Designed to Withstand Your Dog's Affection

A doggie cam needs to be sturdy, especially if two-way communication means your dog can hear your voice. You can imagine it — your precious pooch hears your voice from the camera and gives the cam all the love you usually get. Since the Furbo has been tested in different conditions to make it durable, you don’t have to worry about losing your visual connection with your rambunctious pup.

Set your Furbo on a flat surface and use the adhesive feet on the bottom to provide extra security from your dog’s hugs and kisses.
Always be together, even when you're miles apart.
30-day money
back gurantee
1 year

Why Get a Furbo Dog Camera?

No matter where you are, the Furbo Dog Camera lets you train your pup, create new memories, capture photos and videos, give treats and talk to your furry loved one. Whether you’re across town or across the country, Furbo is designed to help you dole out treats, keep tabs on what’s going on at home and talk to your pet.

About the Furbo Dog Camera

If you’re thinking of getting a doggie camera, doesn’t your furry family member deserve the best? Why buy a generic camera when you can buy one made with your dog in mind?

Created with input from veterinarians and professional trainers, the Furbo Dog Camera goes far beyond just letting you see what your pup is doing. With Furbo, you can enjoy two-way communication, real-time bark alerts, treat dispensing, remote training, video and photo capture, monitoring and more. Why not buy a Furbo today? It’s the next best thing to spending 24/7 with your dog.

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