Furbo Dog Camera

Three Ways Furbo Can Help You Be There for Your Naughty Doggies




Your dogs' body language is key to understand how dogs communicate. Barking loudly doesn't necessarily mean they don't like each other, yet stiff movements and growling do. With Furbo, you can always be on the lookout to make sure your dogs are safe.

1. Special barking alerts! (just in case there is a problem)



Furbo is the only pet camera that sends barking alerts directly to your phone. If you have many dogs, and sometimes they don't get along, you can talk to them immediately and calm them down.


2. See and play with your dogs anytime!


Did you know that if dogs nibble each other, it's actually a form of affection? If they run back and forth for more, they are having a blast! You can take pictures and record your dogs' cute fights, and share with your friends!


3. Toss treats as a reward


If your dogs are being mean to each other, it's the perfect moment to step in and tell them to stop. If they listen to you, you can reward them with some delicious treats. They know next time you are always watching over them!



Furbo Dog Camera

Designed to help dog parents care for their pups in real time all the time, Furbo is the world's first treat-tossing dog camera. From any smartphone, Furbo lets you see, talk, and even toss a treat to your dog when you're not home. 


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