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Three Steps to Solve Your Dog's Barking Problem


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Do your neighbors ever complain about your furbaby's barking problem? Excessive barking is your dog telling you something is wrong. With Furbo, you never leave home, you can be there for your dog when he or she needs it most. You can:


1. Know right away if your dog is barking


You can log in immediately and find out what's wrong. Either is an intruder, or your dog needs extra attention, you can talk to them and calm them down!


2. See and talk to your dog anytime


Barking is one of the most common symptoms of separation anxiety. In your dogs' mind, you disappear after you leave the house. With Furbo's two-way audio, you can both hear each other. You can help your dog understand you are always there.


3. Reward your dog with treats and love


Before tossing a treat, Furbo makes a clicking sound which prepares your dog to get the treat. It is important to use Furbo when you are away, this trains your dog to learn that if he or she stops barking, the reward comes.


Train your dog now!


Furbo Dog Camera

Designed to help dog parents care for their pups in real time all the time, Furbo is the world's first treat-tossing dog camera. From any smartphone, Furbo lets you see, talk, and even toss a treat to your dog when you're not home. 


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Our wolf when we are not home. Sounds more like a banshee or a siren than a wolf ? #catahoulasofinstagram #catahoulaleoparddog #howling #hound #dogsarebetterthankids #furbo Thank you @furbodogcamera for your awesome product letting me watch my kids when I'm not home!!

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