Sponsored Pups of the Month: Muffin & Tiger

As pawrents, there are few things we value above the love of our pups. There’s a reason the term “furbaby” exists: over the last 50 years, Americans have increasingly come to see their dogs as core family members, adoring them like children. Which means we want to give these amazing creatures the best lives we can.

At Furbo, our mission is to keep dogs around the world safe and happy. So we’re very excited to partner with the Anti-Cruelty Society, an organization that works to provide vital help for pets, including rehoming. Every month, proceeds from subscriptions to our Furbo Dog Nanny service go toward giving shelter dogs room and board, vaccinations, vet visits, spay/neuter services & microchips.

Our goal? To re-home 1001 happy pups by the end of the year. We’re making progress each month, and we’re excited to introduce you to this month’s featured pups.

Meet Muffin & Tiger! 

These 4-year-old dynamos are brother and sister from the same litter. They’ve never lived apart, and have bonded as each other’s best friend. Both Muffin & Tiger were happy at home with their beloved owners - playtime with the fam was their favorite thing to do! 

Sadly, Muffin and Tiger’s owners passed away recently, and the duo wound up in a shelter, where they’ve been waiting for new pawrents.


This girl is a playful sweetheart, and she especially loves her squeaky balls.


Tiger doesn’t care about toys as much as his sister, but is an affectionate boy who’s happy to stick by your side.

Both pups love their treats! They are unused to other animals and children, so are looking for a home where they’ll be the only pups to love. Since they’re bonded, they need to be adopted together.


Happily, the pups are in the process of being adopted, and we'll provide an update on their new home soon!




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