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Introducing the Furbo 360° Dog Camera: Stunning Full HD Camera with all-new rotating 360° views
It’s easier than ever now to keep your dog safe and happy when you’re not at home. The new Furbo 360° helps you never miss a beat, a zoom, or a dog selfie with the full coverage of a rotating 360° view.
Train your dog to stay at home with Furbo
The Furbo dog camera is a stranger to your dog so it’s normal for your dog to be apprehensive or aggressive towards it. As a pawrent, your job is to introduce the camera to your dog so they understand that they can get treats and interact with their hoomans through this machine. So here’s how you can introduce your furry friend to Furbo and train your dog with it. 
Forbes: The Furbo Dog Camera Just Got Even Better With Its New Dog Nanny Service
Furbo Dog Camera saves dogs' lives! Furbo has averted doggie-danger including dogs eating pounds of toxic dark chocolate, kitchen fires and even burglaries in progress!
What Sorts of Mischief Is Your Pup Up To At Home?
Our dogs mean the world to us, even when they're up to no good at home while we're away. Check out these hilarious #CaughtOnFurbo moments shared by pawrents around the world!
How to Train Your Dog With a Clicker
Some pups need more attention than others when it comes to obedience, and bad doggy behavior might be harder to spot than you think. To determine whether your new family member needs help with their behavior, look for these common signs that it's a good idea to clicker train your dog in this blog post.
Famous Dogs From TV and Movies
Do you think your furbaby has what it takes to make it in Hollywood and join the ranks of famous TV dogs? Take a look at some of the famous movie dogs who have captured our hearts over the years:
Best Treats to Use With Furbo
You may be wondering what the best treats to use with Furbo Dog Camera may be. Furbo is a two-way communication system which allows you to talk to your dog and dispense treats remotely when you're not at home. Furbo recommends using DRY, FIRM and ROUND treats that are around 0.5in for best treat-toss results.
5 Types of Dog Owners Who Need A Dog Camera the Most
Furbo Dog Camera makes your time away from your furbaby much less stressful and can help you solve problems that separation can cause.
Why Furbo Should Replace Your Home Monitor
Regular home monitors can kind of show what your pet is up to, but they can’t provide a sense of your presence, feed them, play with them or adjust to both of your needs.
Why We Love Pet Camera (And You Should, Too!)
Everyone who’s ever had a dog knows that it’s like having a child. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you’re always wondering what’s your precious pet doing back home.
5 Reasons Every Dog Needs a Furbo Dog Camera
Furbo is the top interactive dog video cameras on the market.  You will never have to guess at what your dog is doing while you’re away and he’ll never feel alone.
How a Pet Camera Can Ease Your Pain
With a standard pet camera, you can check up on your dog throughout the day, interact with your pet, which can help ease your and your pup's separation anxiety.
5 Reasons Owning a Dog Camera Will Change Your Life
With less worry, faster training, and a better connection between the two of you, both you and your pet will have better weekdays.
Furbo Dog Camera Review from a Professional Dog Trainer
Furbo not only provides you the comfort of being able to see your dog when you’re not at home, but it also dispenses hard treats. While I reviewed this dog camera from a dog trainer’s perspective, I find it’s a great device for pet parents as well.
Returning to work? Tips to ease your dog’s separation anxiety
It’s time to go back into the office; you may be ready for some time away from home, but your pup probably is not. Whether you adopted a pandemic pup, or have enjoyed more time at home with an older dog over the past few years, it is probably very hard to leave those big bright eyes in the morning. But with a few tips and tricks, here’s how you can make the process of returning to work easier and manageable.
Best Pet Supplies for Separation Anxiety in Dogs
Dog anxiety is often overlooked by pet parents because the symptoms can seem like dog behavior issues. Dogs of any age and breed can experience anxiety; however, some experience anxiety more often than others. Initially, anxious dogs may demonstrate behavior such as whining, barking, and pacing around. If left untreated, dog anxiety can lead to more intense dog behavior issues like house destruction and aggression. 
Dietary Remedies to Soothe Your Dog’s Anxiety

Does your dog constantly whine, dig, and destroy items around the house when you’re not home? That could be because your dog is experiencing anxiety from fear of abandonment, separation and aging. Sometimes the source of anxiety comes from external environmental shocks such as loud noises, strangers, and car rides. Sometimes it can be caused by a change of guardian, change in schedule, change in residence, or change in household membership.

How to Help a Dog With Separation Anxiety: Introduction
You grab your car keys and coat, and you walk toward the front door. You hear the all-familiar sound of dog tags jingling, and then you look down to see a pair of sad, twinkling eyes.
Chapter 1: Dog Separation Anxiety Symptoms
Sometimes dogs, especially puppies, misbehave because they have more energy than they know what to do with. If a puppy chews the leg of a chair, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have separation anxiety — but it may mean they need a good teething toy.
Chapter 2: Medication for Separation Anxiety in Dogs
It’s hard to know your dog is suffering from anxiety, and naturally, you want to do anything you can to help them. You might consider anti-anxiety meds for your dog.
Chapter 3: Best Toys for Dogs With Separation Anxiety
Some furbabies simply need a good toy to keep them busy and forget their troubles. Dog toys help distract a puppy from your absence and provide mental stimulation and anxiety relief.
Chapter 4: Dogs Breeds With Separation Anxiety
As a dog lover, it is difficult not to adore all types of dogs, big or small. However, we all have our preferences for various reasons. For example, it might be hard to raise a Great Dane in a studio apartment. Nevertheless, no matter what type of dog your furbaby is, we understand the power they have to capture your heart.
Chapter 5: How to Help Puppies With Separation Anxiety
Puppies love to follow their parents around everywhere they go and with so much yet to learn about the world, they might feel a little lost sometimes — especially when mom and dad aren't around.
Chapter 6: How to Train a Dog With Separation Anxiety
Another way to deal with separation anxiety is through training, such as desensitization. Desensitization will help make your departure and absence a lot less meaningful and easier to handle.
Chapter 7: How Furbo Helps With Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety is not only tough for your furbaby. It is also hard to handle as a dog parent. You probably feel guilty leaving your furbaby at home alone knowing they miss you and become distressed the moment you leave.
Chapter 8: Why Some Dogs Have Separation Anxiety
In our final chapter, we will look at the possible causes of separation anxiety. By knowing what might cause separation anxiety in the first place, you’ll be prepared to take any preventive measures you can.
5 Tips to Help Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety is a common issue for many dogs, and can be the root cause of a myriad of behavioral and health issues. With a little bit of time, you can usually eliminate many of these separation anxiety behaviors.
10 Fun and Unique Gifts for Your Dog
Looking for a gift as unique as your pup's personality? We've compiled a list of unique dog gifts suited for any occasion! These gift ideas are not only fun, but will definitely make your furbaby feel loved and cared for. 
Best Gift Ideas for Small Dogs
Tis the season to be giving! Have you decided on a gift for your pup? If you have not decided on what to get your small fluffy pal, then you’ve come to the right place. Here's our list of best gifts of all times for small dogs — we're sure you'll find something to make your little furbaby feel larger than life.
Best Gift Ideas for Large Dogs

Dogs are truly a gift to humans, especially big dogs, with their loveable smile, loyal nature, and big personality. As a pawrent, you know that your furbaby deserves the best of everything, which is why it's so important to get them the perfect gift for the holidays.  We put this gift guide together especially for pawrents who want to find "the" gift for their pup so they can show thanks for all the love, happiness and surprises their furbaby brings.

50+ Christmas Gifts for the Dog Mom Who Has Everything
Wondering what to get a dog mom for Christmas? We've put together a long list of gifts for dog lovers, specially compiled for dog moms who seem to have everything. Whether you want something sentimental, functional or made to make a fur mama laugh, keep reading to find the perfect dog-themed gift for the dog mom in your life.
Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs in 2018
In this guide, we've included the best dog gifts of 2018 for all sizes and personalities, from classic chew toys to unexpected treats your pooch will adore. Many of these gifts range vastly in prices to accommodate any budget as well. So, let's start celebrating the holiday season with this guide, and get ready to watch your furbaby's eyes light up with excitement!
10 Holiday Gifts for Dogs With Separation Anxiety
Does your furbaby bark for hours while you're out and about? Did they tear the couch cushion to shreds last time you left town for the day? If your pup suffers from separation anxiety, the holidays can be hard to handle. The holiday season is a busy time of year, and chances are, you'll need to leave your pup home alone on more than one occasion.
Your Dog and Holiday Guests
For many pawrents, the holiday season is the perfect time to give their furbaby extra attention and fun new toys. It is also the time of the year to get together with two-legged friends and family members, and this might involve welcoming guests into their furbaby's home.
Valentine's Day Gifts for Dog Lovers
Valentine's Day is a time to show your significant other how much you care for them. While many men reach for the classic bouquet of roses and box of assorted chocolates, this year you can surprise your girlfriend or wife with a Furbo Dog Camera. Of course, you can pair it with the classic gifts and a lovely card, but she will be much more amazed by a Furbo than anything else.
Which Dog Breeds Made The Nice List This Year?
What makes some of these the most obedient dog breeds? Many of these are the most intelligent and among the friendliest dog breeds, meaning they want to please their human parents and will work hard to make you proud. Obedient dogs tend to be easy to train, calm and well-behaved with other dogs and with humans. They don’t tend to get overly excited, either, which helps keep them from acting out.
Pet Safety Around The Holidays
Some of the most important holiday pet safety tips have to do with decorations. You may be getting your home ready for the holidays with all sorts of sparkle and special gadgets, but keep in mind that tinsel, lights, trees and other holiday décor can be irresistible to your furriest family member.
What to Get Your Dog for Christmas
Dogs love Christmas and the entire holiday season. What’s not to love? The human parents are in a happy mood, and there are decorations every pup can admire. The house fills with the smell of turkey and other delicious foods. There may even be a dog Christmas gift under the tree for the furbaby.
5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Occupied All Winter Long
Winter can be tough on our dogs - gone are the days spent frolicking in the sunshine-coated fields. Instead, pups will be lucky if they can convince their owners to trudge out to the dog park in the freezing temps. 
Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs
Trick-or-treating is for kids, and that includes fur kids, too. Check out these fun costumes!
14 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day
Dog lovers all across the country are gearing up to celebrate National Dog Day on August 26th. 


Happy "Take Your Dog to Work Day”! Dos and Don'ts of Bringing Your Dog to Work
On June 23rd this year, tens of thousands of dogs will be flooding the corporate world as delighted owners take their dogs to work. Keep these guidelines in mind, or else this may be the last time your company allows dogs to accompany their owners.
Dog Moms! 7 Reasons You Deserve to Celebrate Mother’s Day!
We all know that being a dog mom will affect your daily routines. That goes without saying. But do you realize all you’ve actually become now that you have a furbaby?
7 Best Gifts for Modern Dog Moms: A Mother's Day Guide
Every great dog mom wants to show off pictures of her fur babies (just like moms of human babies), but we have even more ways to delight the dog moms in our lives and allow her to tell the world just how much she loves Fido.
10 Ways to Show Love to Your Dog on National Pet Day

We’ve gathered 10 of the best ways to show love to your dog on National Pet Day, in ways he’s sure to understand.

10 New Year's Resolutions for You and Your Dog
The New Year will bring challenges and opportunities, it is all about taking advantage of them. Here is a list of 10 New Year Resolutions for you and your dog.
10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy over Christmas
Merry Christmas pawrents and furbabies! To make sure everyone in the family is jolly, we put together a list to keep your furbaby smiling this Christmas!
5 Fun Dog Activities for the Christmas Season
The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! Your furbabies feel the holiday spirit in the air. Here are 5 fun dog activities for the Christmas season!
3 Reasons Why You Should Be Thankful for Your Dog
Dogs are the family we choose! This Thanksgiving, show your furbaby how much you appreciate all their love and care.
Pandemic pups are going to be home alone for the first time, ever
It’s time to go back to the office, and no one is less excited than your furbaby. It’s a transitional time for them and you. Gone are the days of laying in your lap during Zoom meetings. But luckily, you can count on them to greet you with a wagging tail when you finally arrive home! No matter what your new circumstances look like, it’s a change that can stir separation anxiety or fears in your dog.  Although both of your days will look different now, it’s nothing your pup can’t adjust to with a little help.
Going on Vacation? Here are Some Tips for Leaving Your Dog for the First Time

You and your dog do everything together — from enjoying long walks on sunny days and playing in the park, to curling up together on the couch when the weather isn't so cooperative - you're two peas in a pod. You can't imagine life without the friendly panting, tail-wagging and begging of your best friend and baby, so it's hard to picture spending a vacation without him or her. Who will feed her? Will your caregiver give him enough cuddles? Is your dog better off at home, out in the backyard, boarded at a kennel or left with a friend or family member? 



The Benefits and Risks of Spaying or Neutering Your Dog
At shelters, millions of dogs and kittens are euthanized every year because of irresponsible owners and poor breeding practices. Spaying and neutering can help control the dog population at shelters, and also bring many additional benefits for your pup! Read along to find out the pros and cons of spaying or neutering your furbaby. 
Things to Consider Before Fostering a Dog

You might have heard the saying “fostering saves lives”, and it’s true. Foster parents are also extremely important to help animals that are either pregnant, too young, injured, recovering from an illness, or suffers from kennel anxiety. However, there are pros and cons that comes with fostering. Here we list out 5 things to consider before committing to fostering.

How to Safely Hold Your Dog
Picking up and carrying your dog is usually a simple and intuitive task that does not require much learning. However, it’s not uncommon that dog owners would accidentally hurt their dogs in the process of picking them up. Follow our guide to safely pick up your pup with the most comfort! 
The Pros and Cons of Large Dogs
Generally large dogs such as the Golden Retriever and American Staffordshire Terrier weigh at least 50 pounds and can grow up to 70 pounds. There are also giant dog breeds such as the Great Dane or Bernese Mountain Dog that can grow past 100 pounds. 
The Pros and Cons of Small Dogs
At Furbo, we love all dogs no matter their size, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. But some dog sizes may be more suited to your personality and lifestyle than others, which is very important to consider when bringing a new dog home. So if you’re considering a small dog, it’s best to go over the pros and cons first so you can make an informed decision.
Can Dogs Experience Depression?
We tend to think of depression as a very human ailment, but unfortunately, many of our beloved pets may suffer from the mood disorder. But since our dogs can't speak for themselves, it’s hard to make a diagnosis. So, how do we identify depression in dogs? Turns out we have a lot of clues to go on.
How to Bathe Your Dog at Home
For owners of big dogs, baths can be difficult and messy; for those of us with small dogs, it can be stressful as our pups get anxious. The most important thing we can do is learn how to properly bathe our dogs, so read on for a step-by-step guide!
How Dog-Friendly Is Your Home?
Just as with the needs of a child, you need to make sure your home is dog-friendly for your furbaby. Would your home pass the dog safety test? Read on for a list of safety measures to ensure your dog's wellbeing.
How to Help Dogs With Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety is one of the most common dog behavior problems described by dog owners. It’s never a fun experience leaving your dog at home, but there will come a time when you need to go to work. Unless you work a pet friendly job, it’s inevitable that your fur baby will need to spend some time alone. Here are some tips to help make your dog enjoy staying at home alone. 
Why Do Dogs Sniff Everything?

Want to know why your dog is always sniffing around?  Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and that’s how they understand the world. While we humans use our eyes to see the world, dogs use their noses to distinguish things around them. With an extremely precise nose, dogs love to sniff around, to explore, and to enjoy all the stimulating scents in this world. Read along to understand more about your dog’s sniffing behavior! 

Why Won't My Dog Stop Barking?

Trying to convince your dog to not bark when you’re not there can feel like a pretty big task, and you’re more likely to succeed if you know the reason for all the fuss in the first place. Here are five reasons why your dog won’t stop barking. 

10 Actions to Stop Your Dog From Barking
Have you ever wondered why your dog won’t stop barking? Barking is your dog’s way of communication; however, it’s often perceived as a problem by many dog owners. Before you start treating your dog’s barking problem, it’s important to understand why your dog is barking in the first place. We listed out 10 tips to stop your beloved pup from barking all-day everyday.  
The Top 5 Most Common Dog Behavior Problems
If you’re noticing problems with your pup, it’s helpful to know that many behavioral issues are common. And luckily, most can be solved at home with some dedicated training. Read on for the top five dog behavior problems and their solutions.
Exercise Improves Dog Behavior
Did you know that regular exercise improves your dog’s behavior? Exercise is tied to a host of changes in physical and mental health, which is true for both easy exercise and more complex training. So, what kind of benefits can come from giving your pooch the exercise they need?
How to Raise A Puppy While Working Full-Time

Do you ever wonder what your puppy is doing while you’re at work? Leaving a puppy alone while at work is no fun for anyone—neither you nor your furbaby. However, it may be necessary if you need to work to pay the bills and the dog food. If you’re working full time with a puppy, here are 6 advice you’ll want to take note of if you’re trying to make it all work! 

Can I Leave My Puppy At Home Alone?
It’s often that we hear people compare the experience of raising a puppy with raising a baby. While the experience might differ, most puppy owners can assure you that raising a puppy is definitely a job that will test your patience. To keep your dog safe and happy with delicious treats and fun toys, you’ll need to go to work and earn money. This brings us to the ultimate question: can I leave my puppy at home alone
Types of Dog Treats Your Dog Should Avoid
As dog parents, we are the gatekeeper to our dog’s health, so we must feed them the right snacks. We’re listing out some treats you might want to be cautious of from raw hide to peanut butter, here are things you should watch out for.
What should I feed my dog? Dry, Cooked, or Raw Diet?
Have you ever thought about your dog’s diet the same way you think about your own? Dogs are hardcore foodies. With their incredible sense of smell and ultra specific taste receptors, dogs absolutely adore food. While humans have the option of dining in, cooking at home, or ordering takeout, dogs rely on their hoomans to pick the right diet for them. 
Dog Sitter v.s. Dog Walker
You don’t want to leave your buddy home alone all day. You might have tried hiring a dog walker so your dog can have some exercise while you’re gone. If you have a bit more budget, you might have tried a dog sitter so your pup can have all the attention they need.
Pet Supplies Must-haves for New Dog Owners
You’re ready to welcome a furbaby into your life, but have you prepared everything? We’ve compiled a list of things of must-have pet suppliers for new pet parents to prepare for your soon-to-be furchild
How Deep Is a Dog’s Love?
You may wonder - how deep is your pup’s love for you? We’ll put it simply: your dog’s love for you is unconditional. Want proof? Turns out that unconditional love leaves evidence. Read on!
How to Handle Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety may be difficult to handle, especially when you hear the sad sounds your dog makes when you’re about to leave for work. Now that many Americans are headed back to work, your pup's separation anxiety may get worse if they’ve gotten used to you hanging out at home. So, how do you identify separation anxiety in your pup, and what do you do about it?
Top 5 Signs Your Dog Could Be in Discomfort
Do you know the cues that indicate your dog may be uncomfortable or in pain? You’re probably familiar with a lot of your furbaby’s cues, like whining or growling. But our dogs have a larger body language vocabulary than that, it turns out. Read on for the top five things you need to know.
How Well Does Your Dog Understand You?
Do you ever wonder if your dog can understand you? Canine researchers estimate that a dog’s intelligence is close to that of a 2-year-old child. Pretty smart! This means that dogs are highly perceptive and pick up a lot about their owners, including their body language and smell. So, what are we communicating to our pups?
Simple Commands You Should Teach Your Pup
There are so many commands and tricks you can teach your pup but starting with these first 5 basic commands will help going out with your doggo and future training easier.
Why Is Your Dog Destructive?
It’s happened to most of us. We come home, and the dog has shredded our couch pillows, shoes, or worse. But it’s important to remember that dogs don’t usually exhibit destructive behavior just to act out - it’s usually part of extreme anxiety.
Why You Should Dogproof Your Doors
Have you ever been baffled by how your pup got into the garage, or maybe that one special room you try to keep extra nice for company? It’s a real mystery - until you catch them on camera with Furbo. We've got some tips to keep your dog from turning that doorknob!
No More Counter Surfing! Learn How
Pawrents of big dogs - or even a tricky small pup! - often struggle with keeping them away from the kitchen counter. This is especially important to address, because our delicious food (like chocolate) may be poison to dogs. Recently, Furbo owner Eva L. caught her big guy shamelessly cruising the kitchen counter, live and on camera. We've got tips to help change this behavior!
How to Keep Your Blind Dog Safe at Home Alone
Just like humans, dogs have their own variety of impairments. Some pups are born blind, while others lose their vision later in life due to a range of medical conditions. Blind dogs are very resilient, and can lead full lives! But they do need some special help, which is where Furbo comes in.
Canine Seizures: What to Know & How to Help with Furbo
Dog seizures are more common than we might think - about 1 in 20 dogs will have a seizure in their lifetime. Although a seizure doesn’t necessarily indicate epilepsy, it is still dangerous and scary for the pup. Furbo can help you keep track of your dog's seizures for the vet, and help make sure your pup is happy and healthy.
Say Goodbye to Separation Anxiety with Furbo
At Furbo, we love and support adoption - so many pets are out there just waiting to be loved! A few months ago, we gave away 50 free Furbos to adoptive families to help furbabies adjust to their new homes, and to give new pawrents peace of mind. Read on to hear how Furbo helped with this pup’s transition from shelter to fur-ever home!
Furbo Saves Dogs’ Lives: Romeo
“I couldn't imagine life without Furbo” - Madeline, Furbo pawrent. Many dog owners put their pups in crates when they’re away to prevent accidents and mischief, but crates can actually be dangerous for dogs alone. Particularly when they’re wearing collars, dogs can get caught and choke - luckily, Furbo can help keep your dogs from deadly accidents.
Foster “Failure”: From Kennel to Forever Home

Foster homes can make all the difference in the world for a homeless dog. Often they need a place to live if they are too young or too sick to be adopted, and temporary fostering can save these pups’ lives until they find their home. We were thrilled to meet community member Shelly and her pup Watson! Shelly saved Watson from euthanasia, and told us about his foster journey.

How to Teach Your Dog to Communicate with Buttons

Dogs are able to understand human language when we create associations with things or activities, and express themselves with the ways they know how; barking, whining, growling, sighing, and more. By creating associations with activities and a communication tool, we can create a way to communicate with our dogs in daily life.

A Dog's Emotional Cup: How to Enrich Your Dog's Life

As devoted dog lovers, we are always seeking ways to enrich the lives of our pets. Besides food, water, and bathroom breaks, dogs require a lot more enrichment to satisfy natural instincts and urges such as sniffing, chewing, and barking. While training dogs to be good house pets, we have a tendency to restrain them from barking out the window and chewing on furniture. Our pups still require release of what’s natural to them through appropriate mediums to chew, dig, and forage. The professional dog trainer, Sarah Owings, describes daily requirements and activities as “what fills” and “what empties” a “dog’s emotional cup.” 

How to Massage Your Dog to Bond & Relieve Anxiety

A dog massage may seem like a  pretty indulgent spa service, however it can improve your pet’s mental and physical health. By taking time to massage your dog, you can not only  strengthen your bond, but also reduce stress and anxiety, increase blood circulation, and decrease aches and pain. Massaging is easy to incorporate into your regular petting routine!

Safe Treats for Your Dog While Home Alone

Chewing is instinctive and necessary for our pups, and treats can be a great distraction while home alone. While bones, rawhides, and other treats are delicious for your pup to enjoy, although they can pose a choking hazard if left unattended. Fractured teeth, oral injuries, airway obstruction, and gastrointestinal complications are all a risk for dogs chewing on a treat. In order to keep your pup safe and happy, consider implementing these treats into your doggo’s diet.

National Pet Fire Safety Day — How to Keep Your Pets Safe from House Fires

National Pet Fire Safety Day, on July 15th, is a national holiday dedicated to spreading awareness on how leaving pets home alone can lead to potential risks related to house fires. 500,000 pets are affected by house fires each year, with 1,000 house fires started by pets themselves, according to the National Fire Protection Association. 

Craft for your Local Shelters Day - 5 Crafts to Donate to an Animal Shelter

National Craft for your Local Shelters Day, on July 21st, is a holiday to recognize that we can donate to our local shelters with acts of love and kindness. This includes making beds, toys, vests and bandanas that say "adopt me," leashes, and more! Using fabric or even old clothing that you have around your house, you can make a difference for furbabies in need.

Before you begin, be sure to contact the shelter you’re considering donating to and confirm that they will receive your donation! Some shelters may have a surplus of supplies, or may appreciate different crafts more than others.

How to Use Amazon Alexa to Keep Your Dog Safe

Alexa can be extremely helpful for managing our devices around the house, telling us about the weather, and making shopping lists. But what can Alexa do for our furbabies? With the help of technology, we can enrich the lives of our pets and keep them safe while we’re away. Anxiety is extremely common in dogs, whether it be triggered by loud noises or their owner’s absence.  Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your Alexa devices, and ease anxiety in your pets.

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe & Happy During Fourth of July Fireworks

Fireworks can be fun and exciting for hoomans, but not so much for our furbabies. The loud bangs, smokey smell, and bright flashes of light can cause anxiety along with barking, howling, and crying. Some pups may even try to escape their homes, leading to the Fourth of July having the highest rate of lost pets than any other day of the year. Even if your dog is well-behaved normally, it’s important to keep them safe by taking extra precautions the week of Independence Day.

Vet : Preventing Separation Anxiety as Furparents Return to Work
While many furparents wish they could be at home with their furbabies 24/7, responsibilities such as work, errands, and grocery shopping pull us away from them. A sharp change in routine can be extremely stressful for our dogs, especially when they’re unable to understand when we’ll return. The result of this stress is separation anxiety; whether it appears in the form of crying, barking, chewing of shoes, or attempts to escape. Separation anxiety is a common but difficult condition many dogs and owners face. It can be distressing not only for your dog, but also leave you as an owner feeling guilty for going out and leaving your best friend at home. 
Vet: The Most Common Home-Alone Accidents for Senior Dogs

Leaving your dog at home while you’re working at the office for eight hours, or even just shopping at the grocery store for two hours, can be incredibly stressful as a furparent. Even when a house is pup-proofed, there are infinite ways that your dog can manage to find trouble. Your mind races with “what-ifs” and you find yourself constantly distracted instead of getting work done. 

We spoke to Dr. Hannah Curtis, who provides at-home general wellness veterinary care in North Orange County, California. 

Vet: The Most Common Home-Alone Accidents for Younger Dogs

Leaving your dog at home while you’re working at the office for eight hours, or even just shopping at the grocery store for two hours, can be incredibly stressful as a furparent. Even when a house is pup-proofed, there are infinite ways that your dog can manage to find trouble. Your mind races with “what-ifs” and you find yourself constantly distracted instead of getting work done. 

Younger dogs that are filled with energy are constantly seeking stimulation, and have a tendency to go scavenging for fun things to play with and eat. So how can a parent protect their furbaby while they’re away? 

Winter Care for Dogs
Once November rolls around, we start to break out the boots and winter coats — but what about our furry friends? What do we need to do to prepare them for the winter season?
Crate Training Do's and Don'ts
So, you're bringing home a new dog. This is sure to be an exciting time for you and your family as you discover all the joys a furbaby brings. However, with great dogs comes the great responsibility of training. Whether you have a new puppy or a pooch that's a bit older, you'll need to show them the ropes. One excellent method to employ is crate training.
9 Ways to Mentally Stimulate Your Dog While You're Away
It's hard to leave your furbaby home alone, especially if you're worried they're bored or lonely. Unfortunately, you can't quit your job to cuddle with your furry friend all day long, so how can you have peace of mind while you're away? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make sure your floof is having a ball while you're gone. You can enjoy your time apart and still rejoice in your time together. The key lies in mental stimulation.
Dog Breeds That Love Other Dogs
When you're a dog lover, sometimes one four-legged friend just isn't enough. There are those of us who love the idea of a home filled with loveable, adorable pups. But if you are going to have a house full of dogs, it's important to create a harmonious balance. You want to find dog breeds who get along and become best pals with both you and each other.
Furbo Offers New AI-Powered Auto Dog Tracking 360° Camera
All you need to know about the new Furbo 360°
How the new Furbo 360° Dog Camera will change your life

Have you ever wondered what your dog is up to while you’re away from home? Do they play, explore, get into trouble, or spend lots of time missing you? If you’ve ever wanted to check on your beloved pup, the Furbo 360° Dog Camera features best-in-class smart pet technology that keeps you and your furbaby connected wherever you are. Since launching our original Furbo Dog Camera, we've taken years of invaluable feedback to make the Furbo 360° the best dog camera possible. These includes some major updates, as well as brand new features

Furbo announces wide-angle rotating camera for all-new 360° views of your pup’s busy life at home
Just as many pet parents are returning to the workplace, leaving sad pups behind at home, Furbo Dog Camera, the #1 best-selling pet camera on Amazon, is announcing its newest model, the Furbo 360° Dog Camera. Say goodbye to separation anxiety with Furbo’s most dog and dog parent-friendly model yet, with an all-new rotating camera. This best-in-class camera features the most advanced technology to care for your pet: vanquish your dog’s loneliness as you easily toss treats or speak to them via 2-Way Talk, and gain peace of mind with AI-powered alerts to keep you updated on activity in your home 24/7. 
Spotlight on Furbo 360°: Real-Time Audio vs 2-Way Audio
Furbo 360°'s new Real-Time Audio feature works a bit like FaceTime, allowing you to see, hear and speak to your dog all at the same time! This marks a change from the original Furbo Dog Camera's 2-Way Audio, which works more like a walkie-talkie. So what does this upgrade mean for your interactions with your pup? 
How Furbo Dog Nanny Helps Keep Your Dog Safe
Every Furbo Dog Camera comes complete with Barking Alerts and Treat Toss, so that you can talk and play with your beloved pup no matter where you are. To give you even greater peace of mind that your dog is safe and happy at home, we created Furbo Dog Nanny, a subscription service that monitors your dog’s daily activities - and much more. So what exactly do Furbo Dog Nanny's features do for your dog?
Golden Retriever Caught Mid-Seizure!
If your dog suffers from epilepsy, it can be nerve-racking to leave them home alone. Fortunately, Furbo Dog Camera means you won't miss a moment - read Laker's story to find out what his pawrent saw. 
Furbo Catches Poodle Seizure
Throughout their lifetime, as many as 1 in 20 dogs will experience a seizure, whether or not they have an epilepsy diagnosis. This means it can be especially frightening when your pup has one seemingly out of the blue. Read this poodle's story to see how Furbo can save your dog's life!
Australian Shepherd Saved from Christmas Disaster!
This holiday season, will you know if your pup has been naughty or nice? One Christmas, the owners of Knox, their handsome Australian shepherd, were astonished by what they saw on their Furbo.
See How Furbo Dog Nanny Saved Pup from Broken Glass!
Do you know about Furbo Dog Nanny's Glass-Breaking Alert? It’s an alert that we created to specifically notify you when the sound of broken glass is detected, so if glass breaks around your dog, you’ll be able to rush home. This alert can save dogs' lives - read Hera's story!
Keep Your Smart Devices Safe from Hacking
The number one cause of smart home device hacking is poor WiFi safety: if your WiFi is compromised, so are any of your WiFi-enabled devices. When setting up smart devices, it’s essential to practice good WiFi hygiene. Read our 3 top tips to easily secure your smart home. 
Keep Your Furbo Account Safe with 2-Step Verification
To keep your Furbo data and privacy protected from outside hacks, enable 2-Step Verification. We take you through it step by step!
What My Dog Taught Me About Love
What we can learn from nature's sweetest souls.
Giving back to our Medical Heroes
2020 was an unprecedented year for all of us. In the US, our medical system was stretched to its limit during the raging pandemic. It was a year that tested courage, grit, and heart. Luckily for us, the fighters on the frontlines of the battle with COVID-19 had all three. Our medical workers worked around the clock to save lives.
Furbo Pet Parents Day Social Media Giveaway Rules
Houseproof Against Holiday Hazards!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - until your pup decides those ornaments look pretty tasty. Your little Grinch may wreak havoc on your Christmas decor, as one Furbo user discovered. Read his story and to keep your pup safe, try these tree-proofing techniques.

'Tis the Season to Adopt!
If you are ready to invest in a doggie companion, the holidays are actually a perfect time to adopt a new friend (and click on last week’s post to revisit reasons adoption could be right for you!). Read on to see why the coldest season can be the greatest to adopt a pup.
Let’s save 1001 dogs this giving season-Contest Rules
New Feature: Glass-Breaking Alerts!
Our original mission at Furbo has always been to keep dogs around the world safe and happy. It was with the mission in mind that we developed Furbo Dog Nanny, a subscription service that adds on to the original Furbo bark alerts and treat toss. Furbo Dog Nanny rounds out the suite of services with Cloud Recording clips of your dog’s day, Smart Alerts (including Activity Alerts of your dog and Person Alerts), and new Emergency Alerts to detect sounds like alarm systems and sirens.
3 Reasons Adopting a Dog Is Right for You!
At Furbo, our #1 mission is to keep every dog healthy and happy, wherever you may find your pup! There are many reasons to rescue a dog instead of buying from a pet store, which we want to highlight for any potential pawrents out there.
Furbo x #TheSecretLifeofPets2 Contest Rules
Secret Life of Real Dogs Challenge Official Contest Rules
The First Treat-Tossing Dog Camera, Furbo, Launches to Let Parents and Pups Stay Together Anywhere
Furbo is the first dog camera to include a treat-tossing feature, which allows pups and parents to play from anywhere – relieving parents’ concerns about their dogs being home alone.
Six Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

Adopting a dog is an amazing and big decision that can change yours (and a dog's) life. Dogs make wonderful companions and are known to be man's best friends. Sadly, they are too often abandoned by owners who lack commitment. If you’re thinking about adopting a furry friend, then you might want to consider the following six factors before you introduce a pup to their furever home. 

Ever Seen a Tiny House for a Dog? Check This Out!
It’s not easy being a senior shelter dog. Senior shelter dogs only have a 20% adoption rate, versus the 65% adoption rate of puppies. But sometimes a hero steps in, and this time it’s Rocky Kanaka! Rocky works with an organization called Reversed Rescue, and since Furbo is all about keeping dogs safe and happy, we sponsored Rocky to build tiny houses to help these dogs have a great life in foster care. 
The Best Present: Adopt a Dog This Season
It’s the most wonderful time of the year - to adopt! There are so many wonderful dogs in shelters just waiting for a second chance. While you’re home this holiday season, give some thought to adopting a pup. It will change their lives forever for the better, and yours as well.
Why Senior Dogs Make Terrific Pets

It’s hard to resist the thrill of a new puppy, but senior dogs have a charm all their own! In fact, depending on your lifestyle, you may be better suited to giving a senior a chance. Check out a few extra reasons to love a senior!

And think you might be looking for a senior dog of your own? Our mission at Furbo has always been to keep dogs healthy and happy, but this year, we have another special goal: to rehome 1,001 dogs before the end of 2020. We’re excited to be working with Humane Animal Rescue, who has some beautiful senior pups waiting for a home! 

Sponsored Pup of the Month: Bryzzo

We’re very excited to partner with the Anti-Cruelty Society, an organization that works to provide vital help for pets, including rehoming. Every month, proceeds from subscriptions to our Furbo Dog Nanny service go toward giving shelter dogs room and board, vaccinations, vet visits, spay/neuter services & microchips.

Our goal is to re-home 1001 happy pups by the end of the year, and we’re making progress every month. We’re excited to introduce you to this month’s featured pup, Bryzzo!

Sponsored Pups of the Month: Muffin & Tiger

At Furbo, our mission is to keep dogs around the world safe and happy. We’re very excited to partner with the Anti-Cruelty Society: every month, proceeds from subscriptions to our Furbo Dog Nanny service go toward giving shelter dogs room and board, vaccinations, vet visits, spay/neuter services & microchips. Our goal? To re-home 1001 dogs by the end of the year. Meet this month's sponsored dogs, Muffin and Tiger!

Furbo Pet Camera Review from Smart Pet Toy
Furbo has made a stylish, and very user-friendly pet camera. If you are want to have a plug-and-play Pet camera that can shoot treats, and has night vision, Furbo is our recommendation!
CNBC: Must-have gifts for your pets this holiday season
Some pet owners can't bear to be separated from their fur children during the day but may not work in a pet-friendly environment. Furbo lets you keep an eye on the animals —whether it's day or night — and chat with them via a two-way microphone/speaker combo.
GearNova: Furbo Treat-Tossing Dog Camera
TechCrunch: Furbo is a dog camera that lets you share treats remotely
Other startups also make pet cameras, so what really sets Furbo and Tomofun apart is the ability to launch dog treats from the camera.
Pets Magazine: The Furbo treat-tossing dog camera is a dream come true.
Wish you could "spend" more time with your furkid while at work? The Furbo treat-tossing dog camera is a dream come true. 
Best Pet Cam: Furbo Dog Camera Review: Ultimate Treat Launcher
Tons of impressive features are packed into this amazingly designed gadget and it will certainly impress any pet owner. After using and reviewing every interactive pet camera on the market, we find ourselves using Furbo the most.
Yahoo! News: 5 Life-Changing Items That Will Make Your Furry Buddies Happy!

It’s a dog’s life. That expression has certainly taken on new meaning in this time and age. Dogs (or at least those with responsible owners) lead THE high life these days, pampered with attention, toys etc and dog owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to pet products.

Yahoo Finance: The $63 billion pet market is seeing its own tech boom

The American Pet Products Association estimates that we will spend $62.75b on our pets this year. The most popular pet is the dog—there’s one in 52 million homes. Those homes will spend an average $1,641 per year on one dog. And big companies like Mars Inc., the private candy giant that does $33 billion in annual revenue, are taking note.

The Verge: The Furbo lets you spoil your pup remotely
The Furbo, an interactive camera, lets owners watch their dogs doing their dog thing throughout the day. (Yes, it has night vision, too.)
CNET: The Furbo camera lets you remotely reward your dog
The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for a camera that lets you watch, speak and listen to your dog when you're away from home.
Digital Trends: Remotely launch treats and spy on your pets with the Furbo treat-dispensing camera
What’s the worst part about going to work each day? If you instantly thought about how much of a drag it is to leave your dog at home by itself, then the Furbo — Indiegogo’s latest success story — will be right up your alley.
Fun and Easy Tricks To Teach Your Dog
You might have seen those adorable videos of dogs shaking paws with their owners or rolling around to play dead. Believe it or not, your dog can do it too! Dog tricks are not only fun and cool entertainment, they are also a great way to stimulate your dog’s cognitive abilities. By putting out commands and conducting positive reinforcement, you can better improve your communication with your dog through the teaching of dog tricks.
How to House Train Your Dog
House training is a must if you want to keep your pup happy and your house clean. Not only do puppies need to be house trained, older dogs might also need a reminder when moving into a new family or environment. While it may require some patience and love for your pup to understand the rules of the household, it should be one of the first steps in introducing a new furry member to the family.
Clicker Training Basics
One of the most common ways dogs are trained is through positive reinforcement, a method that uses rewards to encourage a certain dog behavior. clicker is a tool that makes positive reinforcement training more efficient for your dog. Read and learn more how you can train your dog at home with a clicker! 
How to Train Your Dog With Rewards
Positive reinforcement is one of the easiest ways you can train your dog at home. You can reward your dog every time he or she does something right, which encourages that kind of good dog behavior. While positive reinforcement is not too difficult to implement, there are still a few things to look out for when training your dog behavior through rewards. 
Puppy Obedience Training at Home
As a pawrent, you might be wondering if you can train your dog at home or if you'll need to take your furbaby to a professional trainer. Although training might seem intimidating, it's something you and your furbaby can accomplish together in your house or yard. All you need is a little know-how and patience and, before long, you and your pup can enjoy the benefits of good behavior.
Vet: Furbo's Alexa Skills Help Alleviate Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dr. Medders: "Furbo has really decreased their separation anxiety and depression while home alone."

Clicker Training 101: What Is It and How to Do It?
Today clicker training has become the most popular dog training method in the world.
How to Train Your Dogs with Treats
Most dogs are motivated by food, so naturally, food is a very powerful training tool.
Puppy Talk 101 - How to Communicate with Your Pup

We LOVE talking to our dogs, but do they really understand? Follow our tips to make the communication between you and your pups faster and easier.

How to Raise a Puppy When You Work Full Time
Puppyhood is one of the most challenging times for dog parents. Fortunately working full time and raising a puppy is a well-travelled road and there is plenty of advice available from those who have walked in your shoes.
How to Keep Your Dog Safe When Home Alone
Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety which can cause them to become extremely stressed. However, there are some simple things you can do to keep him calm and busy until you return.
5 Steps to Train Your Puppy to Be Home Alone
For working moms, we cannot be with puppies 24/7 and that we have to leave them home alone. However, We can train our puppies to look forward to us leaving by putting the following measures in place.
Do You Know How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking?
Are you worried that your dog will start barking when you leave the house? Here are 4 reasons & solutions to prevent your dog from excessive barking.
Furbo Saves Beloved Dogs from Fire!
Dog mom Shayna was terrified when she saw her kitchen on fire with her dogs inside. Luckily, Furbo sent her a push notification in time to prevent disaster. Furbo was designed to give peace of mind and a sense of security to dog owners while they’re away. Furbo is not only a fun and interactive tool to monitor your furbabies, but a pet camera can also be essential for pet safety. 
Furbo Saves Goldendoodle from House Fire!
Furbo users from all around the world love to share their Furbo stories with us, and it's heart-stopping stories like these that remind us why Furbo has become an essential part of dogs and their owners' lives.
Furbo Reviews: Helps reducing separation anxiety - Papillon Luka
Besides using Furbo to see what Luka is up to at home, we mainly use it to interact with him when we’re out. Furbo helps reduce his separation anxiety and makes him happier with the treat tossing feature.
Furbo Reviews: High Quality Video with Night Vision - Nike & Momo
First time I saw Furbo I thought it looked simple and sleek unlike any of the other pet cameras in the market. Furbo brought our family so much happiness by allowing my mom, sister, and I to simultaneously connect with our furry one.
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