Introducing the Furbo 360° Dog Camera: Stunning Full HD Camera with all-new rotating 360° views

At Furbo, we're always working to give you the best and smartest pet tech to help keep your dog safe and happy. Which brings us to our biggest announcement of the year: our all-new camera, the Furbo 360° Dog Camera!

So what’s new with the Furbo 360, our biggest upgrade yet? It’s in the name! The rotating best-in-class camera provides 360° views of your space, giving you a whole new peace of mind. No more blind spots - no more worries. Here are a few other ways the Furbo 360° Dog Camera has evolved, and how you can keep up with your furbaby while you're away.

The new rotating 360° views are HUGE. Simply rotate the camera back and forth within your Furbo app, and get full HD views of your space.  Not only does this allow for a better view of your furbaby,  but it can bring a comforting sense of security knowing there’s nothing offscreen.

Furbo 360° Dog Camera See more than ever before with Furbo’s rotating 360° view camera.

Refinery29’s review said that “a 360° lens would be a game changer,” and we listened! Initially, author Karina Hoshikawa had to adjust her camera so she could get a better view of all her pup’s adventures. If your pup likes to find hiding spots or explore the furthest corners of your space, they’ll be easy to spot with the 1080p camera and 4x digital zoom. Now, there is no need to reposition your camera to get a good view of your pet and your home. 

Additionally, the rotation offers extra stimulation for your pup. If your pup is barking, you can use the beloved Treat Toss feature to distract them to another area of your home. This can also be useful for symptoms of anxiety, such as paw-licking. If your dog is a chronic paw-licker, even changing their space can distract them from wanting to lick their paws.

And if you have two (or more!) furbabies, it can be tricky to find out what they’re both up to when they are not together. With the rotating 360° views, you can see what they are doing through the app and the new Auto Dog Tracking feature. 

It’s easier than ever now to keep your dog safe and happy when you’re not at home. The new Furbo 360° helps you never miss a beat, a zoom, or a dog selfie with the full coverage of a rotating 360° view.

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