Chapter 7: How Furbo Helps With Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is not only tough for your furbaby. It is also hard to handle as a dog parent. You probably feel guilty leaving your furbaby at home alone knowing they miss you and become distressed the moment you leave.

Furbo Dog Camera

A Furbo Dog Camera is the perfect tool to help you feel in control of the situation, keep you connected to your furbaby at all times and even help them continue training when you are not there.

In this chapter, we’ll look at the ways Furbo can help you and your furbaby overcome separation anxiety together, no matter where you are.


What Is a Furbo Dog Camera?

A Furbo Dog Camera is a camera, treat dispenser and audio system all in one. Furbo’s bamboo wood cover, sleek design and spill-proof durability makes it furbaby-friendly and aesthetically appealing, too.


What Does a Furbo Dog Camera Do?

In short, Furbo is the connection between you and your furbaby when you are away. Whether you’re at work or hundreds of miles away, you and your furbaby can stay connected through Furbo and your smartphone. Here’s what Furbo can do:

  • Live-stream HD video so you can watch your furbaby wherever you are on your phone.
  • Allow you to toss treats to your pup now matter where you are.
  • Send push notifications and barking alerts so you can see when your furbaby needs your attention.
  • Features a two-way audio system so you can communicate with your furbaby through the microphone, call them for a snack or listen to their snorts and sniffles.
  • Send Smart Dog Alerts which notify you when your furbaby is in front of Furbo playing, jumping, receiving a human visitor like a dog walker, or posing for the cutest selfie you’ll ever see.

ease separation anxiety

Furbo was made especially for dogs and dog parents to help you ease separation anxiety and keep your furbaby safe, healthy and happy. Plus, what could be better than capturing the secret life of your furbaby when you’re away?


How Does a Furbo Dog Camera Help With Separation Anxiety?

Furbo is more than a camera to keep an eye on your furbaby — it is also a tool you can use to help with training and overcoming separation anxiety. With Furbo, you can:

  • Provide positive reinforcement with the clicking sound
  • Make Furbo part of your morning routine to help prepare your dog for your departure
  • Dispense calming treats to help ease anxiety and distract your pup
  • Determine if you need to return
  • Monitor training progress
  • Ask Amazon Alexa to toss treats on a schedule


How Does a Furbo Dog Camera Provide Comfort?

Sometimes the worst part of knowing your furbaby suffers from separation anxiety is the helplessness and guilt you feel for being away. You can’t leave a work meeting to run home to your furbaby, but with Furbo, you can comfort your dog from anywhere.

Furbo helps you comfort your puppy in moments of distress because:

  • You can speak to your dog.
  • You can toss treats to help calm them
  • Furbo makes the experience less traumatic.
  • Furbo lets dogs have fun while you are away and provides stimulation.

 handle the stress

Best of all, you can have peace of mind because with Furbo, you no longer have to guess and wonder how your furbaby is handling the stress of your absence. You will also no longer need to leave appointments early to rush home due to uncertainty.

Instead, you can watch your dog, soothe them with your voice and toss them treats to distract them. If you are too busy at work to check-in on your furbaby, Furbo will let you know if your attention is needed with the Smart Dog Alerts.

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