Guide to helping dogs with separation anxiety
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Does your dog constantly whine, dig, and destroy items around the house when you’re not home? That could be because your dog is experiencing anxiety from fear of abandonment, separation and aging. Sometimes the source of anxiety comes from external environmental shocks such as loud noises, strangers, and car rides. Sometimes it can be caused by a change of guardian, change in schedule, change in residence, or change in household membership.

How to Help a Dog With Separation Anxiety: Introduction
You grab your car keys and coat, and you walk toward the front door. You hear the all-familiar sound of dog tags jingling, and then you look down to see a pair of sad, twinkling eyes.
Chapter 1: Dog Separation Anxiety Symptoms
Sometimes dogs, especially puppies, misbehave because they have more energy than they know what to do with. If a puppy chews the leg of a chair, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have separation anxiety — but it may mean they need a good teething toy.
Chapter 2: Medication for Separation Anxiety in Dogs
It’s hard to know your dog is suffering from anxiety, and naturally, you want to do anything you can to help them. You might consider anti-anxiety meds for your dog.
Chapter 3: Best Toys for Dogs With Separation Anxiety
Some furbabies simply need a good toy to keep them busy and forget their troubles. Dog toys help distract a puppy from your absence and provide mental stimulation and anxiety relief.
Chapter 4: Dogs Breeds With Separation Anxiety
As a dog lover, it is difficult not to adore all types of dogs, big or small. However, we all have our preferences for various reasons. For example, it might be hard to raise a Great Dane in a studio apartment. Nevertheless, no matter what type of dog your furbaby is, we understand the power they have to capture your heart.
Chapter 5: How to Help Puppies With Separation Anxiety
Puppies love to follow their parents around everywhere they go and with so much yet to learn about the world, they might feel a little lost sometimes — especially when mom and dad aren't around.
Chapter 6: How to Train a Dog With Separation Anxiety
Another way to deal with separation anxiety is through training, such as desensitization. Desensitization will help make your departure and absence a lot less meaningful and easier to handle.
Chapter 7: How Furbo Helps With Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety is not only tough for your furbaby. It is also hard to handle as a dog parent. You probably feel guilty leaving your furbaby at home alone knowing they miss you and become distressed the moment you leave.
Chapter 8: Why Some Dogs Have Separation Anxiety
In our final chapter, we will look at the possible causes of separation anxiety. By knowing what might cause separation anxiety in the first place, you’ll be prepared to take any preventive measures you can.
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