10 New Year's Resolutions for You and Your Dog

The end of the year always brings us the bittersweet feeling of time passing by us. To end on a thoughtful and positive note, thinking of the next year's goals is inevitable. What should we do to improve our life? How can we make the most out of every opportunity? It takes a lot of effort to set yourself in the right direction, but once you find it, everything will be clear. Let's start with the bond between you and your furbaby. Here is a list of New Year resolutions for you and your dog:

1.Quality walks combined with meditation

Your dog cherishes the time you spend together, and for you, it is the perfect time to take a moment to pause and breathe. We always rush, for work, for school, for life, etc. The best way to keep focused is to keep a clear and happy mind. Take a longer walk with your dog and reflect. Relax, breathe, everything will be ok!


2.Party with your dog and smile more

It is important to go out and connect with old friends and make new ones. Your dog will appreciate the time spent together, and you will be surprised of the connections you will make.

party dog friends

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3.Exercise more and let off steam

Sometimes it's such a pain to think about working out, especially if we go by ourselves. Going out jogging with your dog, helps you and your furry best friend keep healthy and happy.

run dog jog

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4.Explore with your dog- Go hiking!

There's nothing more exciting than visiting new places and exploring this beautiful world. Your dog will enjoy the different scents and all the nature. You will get to disconnect from the busy city life. Being surrounded by nature connects us to the world, and disconnects us from our worries.

hiking exercise love nature

5.Spend more time with your dog- Be more grateful

We are lucky to have such a lovely partner that always waits for us when we come home from a long day at work. So many people take this for granted. Show your doggie how much you appreciate him or her. They feel your energy!

couple dog happy love

6.Hang out with friends and make new ones

Find new things to do with your buddies, hanging out with them and your dog can be the best therapy for a happy life. Nothing compares to laughing and talking about your problems with your best friends. Not to mention that they can expand your network and you can grow together.

puppy dogs love hang out

7.Go have a picnic together

Food, food, and more food! You can get together with your friends, their dogs, and have a cute yummy picnic. Why not have a picnic play date? Everyone's tummy is full and everyone's smiling!

picnic relax love

8.Bring your dog to work

Your dog will love all the attention from your coworkers and will be super curious to meet everyone. Imagine getting treats from so many people; it's like treat paradise and unlimited attention!

dog work cute

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9.Look at things from a new angle

Your dog knows how to look at things from different angles every time he/she sleeps funny. While they do that, you can listen to inspirational speeches like TED Talks. Reflect on who you are and who you want to be. It is refreshing and inspiring.

cute dog perspective

10.Laugh out loud often

Dream, laugh, make mistakes, and always chase your dreams. Everyone has a different way of going about their dreams. Your form of happiness is different from your friend's happiness. Follow your inner desires and wishes and don't stop until you can achieve them. Change and the course of life, will always put you back on the right track as long as you learn from your mistakes.

love walk dog

We hope this new year brings you, your dog, and your close ones a lot of bliss and love. If you ever wondered how you could be closer to your dog even when you are away, Furbo is the solution to your problem. There is no need to raise a lonely dog. Be there even when you can't.

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