Best Gift Ideas for Small Dogs

Tis the season to be giving! Have you decided on a gift for your pup? If you have not decided on what to get your small fluffy pal, then you’ve come to the right place. Many pawrents would agree small pups expand their size with lots of sass, playfulness and tons of love to go around. Small furbabies need perfectly sized toys for their tinier mouths and paws so they can satisfy their wolf instincts with ease. Here's our list of best gifts for small dogs — we're sure you'll find something to make your little furbaby feel larger than life.

1. Strategy Games

All dogs need mental stimulation, but some games might be too big for smaller breeds. However, the Flip Board Strategy Game by Trixie is designed especially for small furbabies . This game provides a fun mental workout and features a non-slip base so you can place it just about anywhere. Pups earn treats by pushing knobs, moving flaps and lifting cones. It'll bring happy holiday memories for your furbaby and keep them occupied on long winter days when it's just too cold to play outside.

2. Small Dog Chew Toy

You can't go wrong with a tasty chew toy, especially if it has quality ingredients. We suggest a Benebone Wishbone for small dogs under 30 pounds . These chew toys come in three furbaby-approved flavors – bacon, peanut and chicken. Each wishbone is made in the U.S. and composed only of nylon and real flavoring. A Benebone Wishbone is durable and not edible, so it will keep your furbaby blissfully chewing the day away.

3. Doggy Steps

If you share a bed with your small pup, you might want to invest in a set of quality doggy stairs so they can get in and out of bed as they please. Doggy stairs are ideal for small breeds and for older dogs who have a hard time jumping into bed. When choosing the best stairs for your dog, consider the following factors

  • Height: Match the steps to the height of your bed 
  • Weight: Try to choose steps you can easily move around when it's time to clean, vacuum, or make the bed.
  • Safety: The steps should be non-slip and sturdy enough for your pup’s weight and size 
  • Aesthetics: There are several styles of stairs on the market, so you can pick one that looks great with your bedroom decor

4. Doggie Sweater 

Small breeds with short, thin coats like Chihuahuas or dachshunds will be happier to go potty in the cold when they can wear something that's cozy and warm. And what could be cuter than a snapshot of your furbaby sporting a patterned holiday sweater?

To choose the best sweater for your dog, consider the material and measurements . Wool is one of the warmest materials you can buy, but it can also be itchy. You might choose a blend of washable wool and cotton or acrylic instead. Next, measure your furbaby around their neck, the largest part of their chest and the distance from their neck to their waist to make sure you find the perfect fit. Knowing your pup's weight will also help you choose the right sweater.

5. Holiday Scarf

Complete your furbaby's winter getup with a stylish holiday scarf. We suggest ZippyPaws as the go-to scarf source because they offer small scarves in a variety of patterns and colors. If you're looking for candy cane stripes or a vintage reindeer pattern to match their sweater, check out ZippyPaws and keep your furbaby warm and chic this winter.

6. Potty Grass

Potty grass offers the perfect solution for potty training, senior furbabies or pups who are reluctant to take care of business in the cold. You can buy artificial grass mats or real grass from a company like DoggieLawn. DoggieLawn is a subscription service that delivers natural disposable grass mats to your doorstep. These mats make potty time comfortable and convenient for you and your furbaby when it's tough to get outside.

7. Hide-a-Squirrel

Does your furbaby love to chase squirrels in the yard or park? This holiday season, you can help them enjoy a successful hunt with Outward Hound's Hide-a-Squirrel toy . This plush puzzle toy will keep your furbaby busy as they pull squeaky squirrels out of the tree trunk holes. This toy is available for dogs of all sizes, so every furbaby can experience the joy of catching squirrels.

8. Small Dog Tennis Balls

Where can you find tennis balls specially designed for extra-small furbabies? Check out KONG AirDog Squeakair Balls. A Squeakair Ball combines a tennis ball with a squeak toy for a fun game of fetch. They also feature a durable soft felt material so your pup can enjoy a fun, interactive game without wearing down their teeth.

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