50+ Christmas Gifts for the Dog Mom Who Has Everything

Wondering what to get a dog mom for Christmas? We've put together a long list of gifts for dog lovers, specially compiled for dog moms who seem to have everything. Whether you want something sentimental, functional or made to make a fur mama laugh, keep reading to find the perfect dog-themed gift for the dog mom in your life.

1. Furbo Dog Camera

furbo dog camera for christmasWhat could be better for a dog mom than the chance to watch her furbaby when they're home alone? Busy fur mamas often worry about their furbabies while they're at work all day or on the go. Furbo Dog Camera allows a dog mom to keep an eye on her furbaby no matter where she is. Furbo also enables dog moms to interact with their pup, so their furbaby never has to feel alone, which is sometimes the most essential thing in the world to a dog mom.

Along with a camera, Furbo features treat-tossing capabilities and a two-way microphone so a fur mom can comfort her precious pooch with treats and her voice throughout the day. With Furbo, dog moms never miss a moment with their furbaby, making this the best gift of all.

2. Doggy Keepsake Box

A keepsake box is a lovely addition to a dog mom's bureau, and she can use it to store tokens like dog tags, photos, jewelry or a lock of her furbaby's hair. This hand-painted Willow Tree box features a carved figure embracing a furbaby and holds a loving message inside.

3. Yoga Tank

Know a dog mom who also likes yoga? Make her smile with this fun tank top from Tough Cookie Clothing that says, "Namast'ay home with my dog." This lightweight, casual top is perfect for breaking a sweat once the holidays are over.

4. Personalized Pet Keychain

pet keychain


A personalized keychain is a thoughtful gift for dog moms who are always on the run. Consider a hand-stamped copper and aluminum keychain, like this one from DesertRainJewelry . This keychain features the words "dog mom" and the furbaby name you wish to have stamped.

5. Pet Portrait Pendant

A custom pendant engraved with her pet's face is a beautiful and heartwarming gift for just about any dog mom. You might consider a custom pet portrait pendant by designer Erin Harris , who hand-engraves furbaby photos into sterling silver pendants.

6. Gold-Plated Pendant

If you know a dog mom who adores gold, she'll love a polished gold-plated pendant to celebrate her furbaby. Consider the three-pendant "I Heart My Furry Friend" necklace by artist Mary Steratore . This handmade necklace features pendants cast in sterling silver and plated with 22k gold.

7. Dog Mom Water Bottle

Water bottles come in handy for active dog moms, so why not get one that says, "Best dog mom ever"? Check out the aluminum water bottle from ThisWear , which is perfect for holding hot or cold liquid.

8. Personalized Pet Mug

personalized pet mug for christmas


Help your dog mom start the morning right with a fresh cup of coffee served in an inspiring and adorable personalized pet mug. Every morning will feel a lot more cheery when a dog mom looks at her pet's face whenever she takes a sip of coffee. Consider a personalized pet portrait mug from DesiraesKitchen . The sellers of this mug transform a furbaby's photograph into an illustration and print it on a mug. What makes this mug even sweeter is the delicate floral designs surrounding the portrait.

9. Personalized Dear Mommy Mug

Do you know a furbaby who has so much to say to their dog mom, but doesn't know how? Help them out and give their fur mama a personalized Dear Mommy mug this Christmas. This made-to-order mug from TheGoodMorningMugCo can be customized to include up to five dog names. Just send the seller the furbaby's message, and make a dog mom feel appreciated.

10. Lab Mom Decal

Dog moms with Labrador furbabies will love the chance to declare their doggy mom pride with a premium vinyl decal by Bluegrass Decals .

11. Fur Mama T-Shirt

Dog moms who have their hands full with several furbabies will adore the popular tee that reads, "All my kids have paws." Sold by TwoJaysCreative, this tee is soft, comfortable and will look great with a colorful cardigan.

12. Inspirational Doggy Book

Lazy snowy days are perfect for curling up with a furbaby and getting lost in a good book. Get a book-loving dog mama "The Dharma of Dogs: Our Best Friends as Spiritual Teachers" by Tami Simon. This book talks about how our furry friends teach us to love unconditionally , face our fears and more. Dog moms will enjoy exploring their deep appreciation for their pup with this book.

13. Casual Infinity Bracelet

dog infinity bracelet for christmasA rugged multi-layer infinity bracelet made just for dog moms adds style and intrigue to a casual outfit. The infinity bracelet from DOLON features handmade synthetic leather and velvet layers, an infinity charm, dog mom charm and a paw print charm for an eye-catching piece of jewelry.

14. Sentimental Bangle

A delicate bangle bracelet featuring heartwarming charms is sure to bring a tear to a dog mom's eye, like this wire bangle from ENSIANTH . This stainless steel expandable bracelet features a heart-shaped charm, paw-shaped charm and a pendant that reads, "When I needed a hand I found your paw" — sure to win a dog mom's heart.

15. Stoneware Dog Mom Mug

Looking for a high-quality coffee mug for a coffee-loving dog mama? This 16-ounce stoneware mug by Our Name is Mud says "Dog mom" on the front and "My child has four legs and fur" on the back. It also has cute paw prints lining the inside of the mug for happy sipping.

16. Unique Doormat

A unique doormat will make a fur mama smile every time she gets home. Dog moms who love to explore the great outdoors with their furbaby will adore the Footprints in the Mud doormat . If your fur mama friend has a large furbaby at home, consider the We Like Big Mutts doormat by High Cotton.

17. Doggy DNA Test

Treat a dog mom to a doggy DNA test so she can learn more about her furbaby's past. Consider the Embark Dog DNA Test so a dog mom can trace her furbaby's family tree back to their great-grandparents. Embark also provides health insights in an all-inclusive report to help dog mamas take preventive action for their furbaby's care.

18. Love Mom Tattoo Sweater

What could be cuter than a furbaby sporting a sweater dedicated to their mom? As a bonus, dog moms get the satisfaction of knowing their furbaby is cozy and warm this winter. Check out the hand-knit Tattooed Mom dog sweater by Chilly Dog.

19. Realistic Dog-Shaped Pillow

A realistic dog-shaped pillow adds to a fur mama's decor and makes it seem like there's more than enough furbabies to go around. Explore the handmade throw pillows from Cushion Co.

20. Playful Dog Coasters

dog coasters for christmas


Help a fur mama get the conversation going at a holiday party with a set of cheerful and humorous coasters like this Dog Is Good four-piece coaster set.

21. Knit Your Own Dog

Some dog moms on your Christmas list might also love to knit, or maybe they'd like to learn how. Treat a crafty fur mama to a pedigree pattern book, like this book of 25 easy-to-follow patterns by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne. A pattern book will guide a dog mama through hours of knitting pleasure – make sure to pair it with the appropriate yarn!

22. Dog Treat Maker

Dog moms love to spoil their furbabies and give them tasty treats. Get them a Bake a Bone dog treat maker, which is perfect for dog moms who want to make all-natural, nutritious treats straight from their heart to their furbaby's belly.

23. High-Quality Pet Purse

Does the dog mom in your life take her furbaby everywhere? If so, it might be time to treat her and her pooch to a high-quality pet carrier so she can tote her pup safely and comfortably when she's in a rush. Sleepypod Atom is a fashionable and functional pet carrier , crash-tested for safety and featuring a comfortable padded shoulder strap for the fur mama, as well as a removable plush bedding for the pup inside.

24. Creative Pet Portrait

A bright piece of artwork adds cheer and energy to any room, especially if it's an original pet portrait by artist Manda Comisari. Manda's custom pet portraits are hand-painted on gouache card stock and based on a furbaby's photo. Each portrait is colorful, whimsical and makes a pet's personality shine. Any dog mom would cherish a portrait by Manda forever.

25. Dog Breed Slippers

A cozy pair of slippers makes an excellent dog gift for dog moms who have plenty of cold floors throughout their house. Keep their toes toasty with a pair of cute pooch slippers like the Fuzzy Nation Dog Breed Slippers from GreaterGood's Animal Rescue Site. These slippers feature a warm faux fur lining, corduroy exterior and stuffed doggy head embellishments. Your dog mama will also enjoy knowing that her slippers helped feed shelter animals.

26. Custom Pet Plate

A custom pet plate by the Crazy Plate Lady Jacqueline Poirier features a realistic painting of a dog mom's beloved furbaby. This vibrant piece of art will add a pop of color and personality to any room and makes an interesting gift sure to become a focal point. You can contact the artist for a free quote.

27. Dog Clock

dog clock for christmasA handmade dog clock sby LazyLittleLuckyGirl makes it fun to keep track of time. Each clock is made to order out of of plexiglass, wood and metal. It'll look great in a home office, kitchen, bathroom or anywhere your dog mom could easily lose track of time.


28. Silly Dog Toy

Get a dog mom the Humunga Stache dog toy this Christmas to provide hours of giggles for her and her furbaby. This toy is a non-toxic natural rubber ball on one end for furbaby to enjoy and a huge cartoonish mustache on the other for fur mama's entertainment. It'll be hard for her not to laugh while playing fetch with the Humunga Stache.

29. Cuddle Clone

Some dog moms love their furbaby so much they wish they had more than one. If this sounds like the dog mom you know, it's time to get her a Cuddle Clone. Each Cuddle Clone is hand-designed to replicate a furbaby and is available as a custom stuffed animal, pair of slippers, a golf club head cover, a purse or a holiday stocking.

30. Selfie Ball

Some dog moms want to snap the perfect selfie with their furbaby, but it's just too hard to keep their pup still. Help a dog mama get her furbaby in selfie position with a Pooch Selfie. A Pooch Selfie is a smartphone attachment that includes a removable squeaky ball to capture a furbaby's attention long enough for a holiday snapshot.

31. Pet Candle

Dog moms love their furbabies, but they can't deny sometimes their puppy pals get a little smelly after playing outside. Get a fur mama a furbaby-friendly candle like the Fresh Scent Pet Candle by Craig Davies . This handmade soy wax candle is poured in repurposed glass for a rustic look.

32. Pedigree Poem Pillow

If you know a dog mom who is dedicated to her furbaby's breed, she'll enjoy a Pedigree Poem Pillow by Patricia Carlin. Each of these pillows features an acrostic poem and illustration to celebrate a breed's unique traits.

33. Shadow Box Locket Pendant

Buy your fur mama a custom hand-cut silhouette pendant from SilhouettesbyElle for a keepsake treasure with an antique flair.

34. Leash Holder

A leash holder will fit right in next to a fur mom's key hook for a convenient, easy-to-grab setup. Consider the wooden handmade bone-shaped leash holder from HappyTrailsThrift , which offers a splash of color and a way to keep things tidy.

35. Dog Mom Wine Glass

dog mom wine glass for christmas


For a dog mama who also loves wine, consider getting her this stemless wine glass that reads, "It's not really drinking alone if the dog is home," sfrom Lifelong Creations .

36. Pet Stroller

Fur mamas will be grateful for a dog stroller when they want to take their furbaby for a long wintry stroll, especially if their furbaby has tiny legs and gets tired fast. Consider a heavy-duty premium Pet Rover stroller, available for small, medium or large furbabies.

37. Custom Cookie Cutter

Your dog mama will adore these custom cookie cutters she can use to serve up holiday cookies to guests or to make homemade treats for her dog. These personalized cutters mby NameThatCookie allows you to select a breed shape and add a furbaby's name of up to seven letters.

38. Paw Print Keepsake Kit

A paw print keepsake kit is a classic gift for sentimental fur mamas who want something to remember their furbaby by forever. Try the Sculpey Keepsake Deluxe Pawprint Kit , which turns into an ornament a dog mama can hang on the tree every year.

39. Sterling Silver Paw Print Earrings

For elegant fur mamas who love earrings and already have other pieces of furbaby-inspired jewelry, consider these polished paw print studs sfrom Bling Jewelry .

40. Doggy Mouse Pad

Furbaby moms who spend a lot of time at their computer will adore a mouse pad with a canine design. Explore the many different doggy designs at Zazzle, or create your own featuring a fur mama's favorite pup photo.

41. Dog Mama Pajamas

dog mom pjs for christmas


Christmas is the time for friends, family and new pajamas. Check out the many dog mom pajamas at CafePress, like this cozy cotton Fur Mama pajama set .

42. Dog Obsessed Book

Does the dog mama in your life constantly do everything she can to make her furbaby healthier, happier and live a lot longer? Get her "Dog Obsessed: The Honest Kitchen's Complete Guide to a Happier, Healthier Life for the Pup You Love," by Lucy Postins. This handy guide features more than50 easy recipes for dog treats and meals, and it also includes health tips, advice and dashes of humor. This book also includes a section about holiday health and safety for dogs – perfect for the season.

43. Dog Shaming Calendar

Dog lovers know pups can be a little mischievous sometimes, but it's impossible to stay angry at a furbaby for long. Help your dog mama friend welcome the new year laughing with this funny Dog Shaming 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar by Pascale Lemire, which has 365 pages of colorful photos of adorable pups.

44. Dog Memory Journal

Sentimental mamas who like to write will enjoy jotting down their special memories in a journal dedicated to their furbaby. Consider "Dog Tales: In-the-Moment Memories with Your Beloved Pet," by Harvest House Publishers . This fun memory-capturing book makes a keepsake a dog mama will treasure.

45. Picture Frame Ornament

A Christmas tree would not be complete for a dog mama without a picture ornament of her furbaby. You might choose the Good Dog Photo Frame Personalized Ornament by Hallmark, which holds a furbaby's photo and features a customizable charm to showcase a name, date or special message. It's one of the best Christmas gifts for dog moms.

46. Novelty Socks

Help a dog mama keep her feet warm and very happy in these ultra-cute Cartoon Cotton Dog Crew Socks . These pawesome socks are perfect for lounging around the house with furbaby or pairing with leggings.

47. Dog Print Aprondog mom apron for christmas

The holidays can get pretty messy in the kitchen, especially for dog moms who love to cook. Help a fur mama keep her new dog shirt clean with a dog print apron. Take a look at the Dog Days Apron by Now Designs.

48. Matching Collar and Bracelet

Dog mamas will love heartfelt matching jewelry to symbolize their enduring friendship with their furry companion. FriendshipCollar makes matching accessories like this collar and matching bracelet , and donates to animal shelters across the country with every sale.

49. Matching Scarf and Sweater

Another way for mama and furbaby to show their bond is through a matching scarf and sweater. This scarf set by ShellOfAShotBoutique features a flannel infinity scarf for the dog mama and a matching bandana for her furbaby. They will look stylish and stay warm all winter long.

50. Print Your Pet Dog Blanket

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to buy a dog mama a new blanket. She'll love curling up with her furbaby in a colorful blanket that features her furbaby's face. Visit Print Your Pet to order a custom fleece blanket for the lucky fur mama in your life.

51. BarkBox Subscription

Our final gift idea on this list acknowledges a dog mama's h2est urge – to make her furbaby happy. A BarkBox subscription is sure to do just that. Starting at less than $25 a month, BarkBox brings a themed box of dog toys and all-natural treats to a dog mama's door once a month. This way, a dog mom can make her pup happy and engaged with new toys every month, and it's convenient for her.

Buy Furbo Dog Camera Today

furbo for dog moms

 There are tons of Christmas ideas for dog moms, but nothing beats Furbo Dog Camera. To dog moms, their furbabies mean the world to them. They are also busy ladies who wish they could check in on their furbaby anytime they miss their best friend. Furbo allows them to make sure their pup is happy and comfortable while they are at work, out with friends or in the other room. Furbo brings peace of mind for both fur mamas and their babies. To make the dog mom in your life ecstatic this Christmas, purchase Furbo today!

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