Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs in 2018

It's that time of the year when your furbaby will soon be under the Christmas tree, ripping through their presents with their tail wagging in hyperspeed. You could probably wrap an old shoe, and your furbaby would still give you loads of kisses in return. However, as a pawrent, you also know your furbaby deserves the best. If you're wondering what to buy your dog for Christmas this year, welcome to our dog gift guide for 2018. We put this gift guide together especially for pawrents who want to find the perfect holiday gift for their pup so they can show thanks for all the love, happiness and surprises their furbaby brings.

In this guide, we've included the best dog gifts of 2018 for all sizes and personalities, from classic chew toys to unexpected treats your pooch will adore. Many of these gifts range vastly in prices to accommodate any budget as well. So, let's start celebrating the holiday season with this guide, and get ready to watch your furbaby's eyes light up with excitement!

Best Gift Ideas for Small Dogs

Many pawrents would agree small pups expand their size with lots of sass, playfulness and tons of love to go around. Small furbabies need perfectly sized toys for their tinier mouths and paws so they can satisfy their wolf instincts with ease. Here's our list of best Christmas gifts for small dogs — we're sure you'll find something to make your little furbaby feel larger than life.

1. Strategy Game

All dogs need mental stimulation, but some games might be too big for smaller breeds. However, the Flip Board Strategy Game by Trixie is designed especially for small furbabies . This game provides a fun mental workout and features a non-slip base so you can place it just about anywhere. Pups earn treats by pushing knobs, moving flaps and lifting cones. It'll bring happy holiday memories for your furbaby and keep them occupied on long winter days when it's just too cold to play outside.

2. Small Dog Chew Toy

You can't go wrong with a tasty chew toy, especially if it has quality ingredients. We suggest a Benebone Wishbone for small dogs under 30 pounds . These chew toys come in three furbaby-approved flavors – bacon, peanut and chicken. Each wishbone is made in the U.S. and composed only of nylon and real flavoring. A Benebone Wishbone is durable and not edible, so it will keep your furbaby blissfully chewing the day away.

3. Doggy Steps

doggy stairs

Does your bedtime routine consist of watching your furbaby bounce up and down until you pick them up and place them in bed? If so, it might be time to treat your pup, and your back, to a set of quality doggy stairs so they can get in and out of bed as they please. Doggy stairs are ideal for small breeds and for older dogs who have a hard time jumping into bed. When choosing the best stairs for your dog, consider the following factors .

  • Height: Make sure to measure the height of your bed to find the right size.
  • Weight: Try to choose steps you can easily move around when it's time to vacuum or make the bed.
  • Safety: Choose non-slip steps and a non-slip bottom to protect your furbaby. Also, consider if it's sturdy for your pup's weight and size.
  • Assembly: Some steps require assembly, while others do not. Think about what you're comfortable with so you can have the stairs ready to go right away.
  • Aesthetics: There are several styles of stairs on the market, so you can pick one that looks great with your bedroom decor.

Whole Dog Journal recommends Pet Studio RampSteps as the top choice because it arrives fully assembled, easily turns into a ramp if your pup feels nervous about stairs and you can fold it to store under the bed.

4. Doggy Sweater

holiday sweater for dogs

Small breeds with short, thin coats like Chihuahuas or dachshunds will be happier to go potty in the cold when they can wear something that's cozy and warm. And what could be cuter than a snapshot of your furbaby sporting a patterned holiday sweater?

To choose the best sweater for your dog, consider the material and measurements . Wool is one of the warmest materials you can buy, but it can also be itchy. You might choose a blend of washable wool and cotton or acrylic instead. Next, measure your furbaby around their neck, the largest part of their chest and the distance from their neck to their waist to make sure you find the perfect fit. Knowing your pup's weight will also help you choose the right sweater.

Blueberry Pet is a great place to start your doggy sweater search. They offer a wide array of sweaters and styles , whether you're looking for a cheerful holiday design or a sophisticated wool-blend sweater. They also sell small and extra-small sizes to suit your pooch.

5. Holiday Scarf

Complete your furbaby's winter getup with a stylish holiday scarf. We suggest ZippyPaws as the go-to scarf source because they offer small scarves in a variety of patterns and colors. If you're looking for candy cane stripes or a vintage reindeer pattern to match their sweater, check out ZippyPaws and keep your furbaby warm and chic this winter.

6. Potty Grass

potty grass for dogs

Potty grass offers the perfect solution for potty training, senior furbabies or pups who are reluctant to take care of business in the cold. You can buy artificial grass mats or real grass from a company like DoggieLawn. DoggieLawn is a subscription service that delivers natural disposable grass mats to your doorstep. These mats make potty time comfortable and convenient for you and your furbaby when it's tough to get outside.

7. Hide-a-Squirrel

Does your furbaby love to chase squirrels in the yard or park? This holiday season, you can help them enjoy a successful hunt with Outward Hound's Hide-a-Squirrel toy . This plush puzzle toy will keep your furbaby busy as they pull squeaky squirrels out of the tree trunk holes. This toy is available for dogs of all sizes, so every furbaby can experience the joy of catching squirrels.

8. Small Dog Tennis Balls

Where can you find tennis balls specially designed for extra-small furbabies? Check out KONG AirDog Squeakair Balls. A Squeakair Ball combines a tennis ball with a squeak toy for a fun game of fetch. They also feature a durable soft felt material so your pup can enjoy a fun, interactive game without wearing down their teeth.

Best Gift Ideas for Large Dogs

If your furbaby is a medium or large breed, chances are, you've witnessed them tear a brand-new toy to shreds in a matter of minutes. We kept that in mind as we compiled this to help you choose fun presents that'll last.

1. Bully Sticks

Have you caught your furbaby sneaking away with your shoe on more than one occasion? If your pup likes to chew, bully sticks make the perfect holiday gift for your furbaby and your wardrobe.

bully sticks

Bully sticks are safe, fun to chew and offer several health benefits . Made only from easy-to-digest beef muscle, bully sticks are high in protein, free of artificial ingredients and help clean your furbaby's teeth. They are also a long-lasting chew toy available in different shapes and sizes. Best of all, your furbaby will love them. Try premium bully sticks from Redbarn .

2. Three-Knot Rope Tug

For many furbabies, nothing beats a round, or five, of tug of war with Mom or Dad. Big breeds can get a lot of games and chewing sessions out of a durable three-knot rope tug like a Mammoth Flossy Chew . Flossy Chews clean your pup's teeth like floss while they chew, tug and play. These durable cotton blend rope toys can withstand many tugging games. A three-knot rope makes a good handle for pawrents and an easy grip for furbabies. Mammoth makes colorful ropes available for mini mouths to extra-large sizes.

3. Big Dog Chew Toy

Large furbabies can cover a chew toy with fang marks fast, especially if it's not the right size or material. Here's a chew toy that can stand up to a powerful bite and keep strong chewers relaxed and happy for hours.

big dog chew toy

We suggest the Nylabone Power Chew Big Chew Beef Bone . This bone is made of sturdy nylon and is ideal for breeds weighing over 50 pounds. A Nylabone chew toy is great for encouraging healthy chewing habits, relieving stress and boredom and cleaning your furbaby's pearly chompers.

4. KONG Extreme Dog Toy

A KONG is a classic dog toy for just about all sizes. With a KONG, you stuff the core with tasty treats and then let your furbaby enjoy working for the snacks inside.

Large furbabies love the KONG Extreme, which is for tough chewers . The KONG Extreme is soft enough for a pleasant chewing experience, yet highly durable to handle determined chewers. This toy is sure to satisfy your furbaby's instincts. Made of a durable rubber formula, the KONG Extreme comes in sizes from small to double extra-large. Help your furbaby celebrate the holidays by stuffing the KONG with a fun, yummy recipe .

5. GPS Tracker

Did you know a greyhound named Feather beat the Guinness World Record for the highest doggy jump in 2017? Yep, this furbaby leaped over six feet into the air last year. What does this have to do with Christmas gifts for dogs in 2018? Well, if your furbaby likes to rocket over the fence like Feather or dart out the front door when you least expect it, it might be time to buy a GPS tracker. You'll enjoy greater peace of mind as relatives come and go during the holidays, and your furbaby will appreciate the safety and warmth of home sweet home.

PC Magazine recommends the Whistle 3 GPS tracker because it's small and light, has long battery life and a low initial cost.

6. Doggy Bed

memory foam doggy bed

Your furbaby can enjoy ultimate comfort when it's time for bed or a lazy afternoon nap with a quality memory foam bed. A memory foam dog bed helps soothe aches and pains and promotes restful slumber for your pooch. We recommend a Big Barker orthopedic dog bed for large furbabies. Big Barker beds come in three different sizes – large, extra-large and giant. Designed to support joints using high-quality foam, these beds are easy to clean and made of safe materials. It's the perfect way to pamper a furbaby who has arthritis, hip dysplasia or age-related pains.

For furbabies who like to snuggle in confined spaces, choose BarksBar Large Snuggly Sleeper . This doggy bed features a non-slip backing, removable, washable cover and quality orthopedic foam.

Buying a bed for your furbaby is an investment in their well-being. To choose a bed that suits their needs, consider the following factors .

  • Size: Your furbaby's bed should be big enough to let them rest comfortably without paws or feet dangling off the edges – unless they like to lounge that way! You can measure the space they currently sleep in to get an idea of the size you need.
  • Foam quality: Your pup's bed should be firm enough to support their weight and relieve pressure from their hips and bones. Look for a dense orthopedic foam with a thick, firm base.
  • Material: Look for CertiPUR-US certification, which means the foam is free of harmful materials. If your furbaby has bladder issues, you might look for a removable, washable cover and water-resistant material. If they tend to chew or scratch their bedding, look for durable material such as heavy nylon or canvas.
  • Style: What's your furbaby's sleep style? Do they like to curl up surrounded by blankets and pillows? If so, you might choose a comforting bolster-style bed, which provides a secure, confined space. However, if your furbaby likes to stretch out and move around, a mattress-style bed without the bolster sides would be a better fit.
  • Bottom material: If you plan to place the bed on tile or hardwood floor, look for a bed with a non-slip surface on the bottom to make bedtime easy for furbaby and to avoid having to constantly push the bed back into place.

Best Gifts for Dogs With Separation Anxiety

Just like their pawrents, furbabies are social creatures and like to be part of the pack. Furbabies might experience separation anxiety when mom and dad leave for the day. Signs of separation anxiety include :

  • Howling or persistent barking
  • Destructive behavior
  • Going potty indoors only while you're gone
  • Pacing
  • Panting, excessive drooling or other signs of psychological distress

border collie running

If these behaviors occur every time you leave or grab your keys, your furbaby might have issues with separation anxiety. Making sure your pup gets plenty of exercise and mental stimulation can help prevent or relieve separation anxiety.

This holiday season, give your furbaby all the tools they need to overcome separation anxiety. As a bonus, you'll get to enjoy late-night holiday parties guilt-free. With the right treats and toys, your furbaby will start to look forward to alone time!

1. Furbo Dog Camera

Need the perfect Christmas gift that will give both you and your furbaby peace of mind? This year, celebrate the special bond you share with Furbo Dog Camera. Furbo keeps you connected to your furbaby when you're miles away from home.

furbo dog camera

Furbo is an all-in-one camera, microphone and treat dispenser. It allows you to interact with your furbaby, whether you're at work or visiting family in another state. You can hear and speak to your pampered pet, toss treats with a touch of your phone, watch them play and keep an eye on them day or night as if you were right there in the room.

Furbo is an ideal gift for any dog, especially those who have separation anxiety. With Furbo, you can soothe your pup's stress with the sound of your voice, and reassure them you are still there as you toss them treats. Similar to clicker training, Furbo makes a clicking sound before it throws a treat to help your furbaby build positive feelings toward the device.

Furbo allows you to interact with your furbaby 24/7. The best gift you can give your precious pup is the one that brings you closer to them, no matter where you are.

2. Relaxing Treats

All furbabies love a tasty treat, and you can give treats to calm their anxiety and provide nutrition. You might try Zesty Paws Advanced Stress and Anxiety Calming Bites, made with all-natural ingredients like hemp and chamomile, or oven-baked Chillout treats from Isle of Dogs.

To really help your furbaby take their mind off things, fill a KONG toy with a calming concoction. For example, you might fill a KONG with calming treats and canned dog food to keep your pooch busy and happy while you're gone. Just make sure your furbaby knows how to use a KONG first by seeing how they do with a few loose treats stuffed inside. You can make it more challenging once they get the hang of it by adding larger pieces of food or peanut butter.

3. Snuggle Puppy

A Smartpetlove Snuggle Puppy is a plush toy you can use to comfort your furbaby and remind them of your special bond, even when they are alone. A Snuggle Puppy features a realistic heartbeat and a non-toxic disposable heat pack to mimic cuddle time with Mom or Dad and reduce lonely or anxious feelings. These adorable toys are available in four different colors to help you find a good match for your pup.



Sometimes, a little entertainment goes a long way when it comes to leaving worries behind. Your furbaby might agree once they get hooked on DOGTV. Although it can't replace playtime with Mom or Dad, DOGTV can help relieve separation anxiety when you're not at home.

DOGTV offers three different programs – relaxation, stimulation and exposure. The relaxation program, for example, includes soothing music and video of relaxed pups hanging out in serene settings. If your furbaby struggles with separation anxiety, DOGTV might be worth a try.

Best Gifts for Home-Alone Dogs

The following gifts are excellent choices for furbabies who spend a lot of time alone, and they can also help ease separation anxiety. Designed to banish boredom and promote mental activity, these toys will keep your furbaby so busy they won't even notice the time passing. As a pawrent, you'll feel a lot better leaving town for a holiday dinner when you know furbaby is happily playing with their new toys at home.

1. Dog Tornado Puzzle

The Dog Tornado by Nina Ottosson offers four layers of treat-dispensing joy . This puzzle features 12 treat compartments within four spinning levels. The levels spin as the furbaby searches for hidden treats. It's an exciting way to keep your dog engaged, whether you're away or at home. Have fun learning the game together after you open presents.

2. IQ Treat Ball

iq treat ball

It's true – furbabies do silly things sometimes that make us laugh, like chase their tail or bark at the vacuum cleaner. Even so, our furry friends are intelligent creatures who need mental stimulation every day. Furbabies of all levels can have fun playing with an OurPets IQ Treat Ball . To play, fill the ball with your pup's favorite treats, and adjust the level of difficulty to suit their skill. You can make it more challenging as they grow and learn how to use the ball. Your pup will kick and swat the ball around to cause it to dispense treats. It helps them get the physical and mental activity they need while they are home alone.

3. Wobble Wag Giggle Dog Toy

The Wobble Wag Giggle Dog Toy is a ball that makes funny noises as it rolls and bounces. This toy can help your furbaby stay fit and amuse themselves for hours. The Wobble Wag does not require batteries, and it's easy to pick up, so your furbaby can carry it from room to room.

4. Mad Scientist Toy

You'll have to find a lab coat and goggles for your furry friend to go with the Turn Around Strategy Game by Trixie. This toy involves two different games that require your pup to rotate and balance beakers to get the treats inside. The six different lids allow you to adjust difficulty levels. It's just another fun way to keep your furbaby busy and help them enjoy their alone time.

5. Bob-a-Lot

Another classic treat-dispensing toy , Starmark's Bob-a-Lot is an excellent product for furbabies who want to work for their snacks just like they would in nature. Bob-a-Lots are easy to fill and clean, and you can adjust the opening for treats of different sizes. The Bob-a-Lot features a weighted bottom, so it wobbles as your furbaby nudges it with their nose and wrestles with it. It's a fun, interactive puzzle with plenty of rewards.

Unique Dog Gift Ideas

Looking for a gift as unique as your pup's personality? We've compiled a list of unique dog gifts for Christmas 2018. These gift ideas will make your furbaby feel loved and cared for long after the holidays have passed.

1. Glow-in-the-Dark Ball

Does your dog love playing fetch with you, but you find it gets dark too early? Your furbaby won't have to wait until summer returns to play fetch when they have a glow-in-the-dark ball. Perfect for short winter days, Chuckit! is a dog toy company that sells glow-in-the-dark balls for dogs , perfect for playing fetch any time of the day. All you need to do to make the ball glow is leave it in the light for five minutes, and you'll have 30 minutes of luminous playtime.

2. Quirky Plush Toys

ZippyPaws has tons of unique plush toys for small, medium or large dogs, including no-stuffing toys and interactive toys. You might get your furbaby a cute Hedgehog Den toy , which comes with three squeaky hedgehogs and a burrow, or a Holiday Zippy Burrow shaped like a hot cocoa mug with marshmallows to keep the holiday spirit. For a unique plush toy, treat your furbaby to a NomNomz Sushi or a NomNomz Taco .

3. Luxury Dog House

cozy dog house

Furbabies love to spend time outside to sniff the air and keep guard. Treat your precious pet to a cozy dog house and shelter them so they can spend more time outdoors comfortably during the winter. For a different take on the classic doghouse, consider the Boomer and George Wooden Outdoor Doghouse With Balcony and Staircase . This doghouse is sure to make your furbaby feel like the king or queen of the yard as they can relax inside or climb to the balcony to sunbathe and keep watch.

4. Ball Launcher

If your furbaby loves to play fetch, they probably would ask Santa to bring them this toy if only they knew how. The Chuckit! Sport Launcher goes perfectly with the glow-in-the-dark ball, or you can use the ball it comes with. The launcher features a long, easy-to-grip handle so you can throw balls accurately and far. That means if you're tired or do not have the best throwing arm, you can still make your furbaby very happy.

5. Indoor Water Fountain

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs need about an ounce of water per pound of body weight a day. That means if your furbaby weighs 50 pounds, they need over six cups of water a day. Just like humans, furbabies need to stay hydrated even during the winter to make sure all their systems, from brain functioning to breathing, work correctly.

Keep your furbaby hydrated with a special holiday gift this year – their very own water fountain. We suggest the PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Multi-Pet Stainless Steel Dog and Cat Fountain. This fountain holds 128 ounces of water and provides up to five free-flowing streams to encourage your pup to drink when they pass by. It also filters water to keep water fresh and allows you to adjust the stream flow. Lastly, this fountain features an easy-to-clean stainless steel design, making it an attractive and effective water bowl alternative.

6. Snow Booties

snow booties for dogs

Snow booties are ultra-adorable, and they help protect furbaby feet and paws from harsh winter weather. Booties also help shield your pup from road salt and de-icers, which can collect between puppy toes. Snow booties are the perfect winter gift so you and your pooch can enjoy the snowy scenery and outdoor playtime together. To choose the right booties , follow these tips:

  • The sole should be textured to provide good traction.
  • Choose waterproof material.
  • The sole should be flexible so your pup can walk with ease.
  • Opt for adjustable Velcro straps to make bootie removal and placement easy.
  • Give your furbaby time to adjust to the shoes in the house before heading outdoors, and praise them when they wear the shoes.
  • Measure your furbaby before ordering booties.

There are plenty of booties to choose from. You might go with Muttluks Snow Mushers for rugged winter exploration. Made with a cozy fleece inner lining, large openings to make it easy to slip on and a dog-friendly double-wrap fastening system, these booties are perfect for cold days.

If your furbaby is a little fashionista, you might go with Loveone Small Dog Boots . These snow boots are designed for smaller dogs, skid-resistant and available in bright, fun colors. Oh, and did we mention they are just too cute to pass up?

7. Paw Wax

Some furbabies refuse to wear shoes, and that's OK – there is a solution to protect their paws on the coldest day. It's called Musher's Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax , and it keeps snow and ice from sticking. Musher's is easy to apply, all-natural, non-toxic and non-staining. It includes vitamin E to moisturize dry paws and keep them healthy. You can also use the paw wax when the weather warms up to protect your pup from hot pavement, sand or other harsh surfaces.

8. Pet Massager

A pet massager is a great way to bond with your furbaby while easing their sore muscles and relieving anxiety. Massage also helps improve blood circulation and increases all-around well-being. Make your furbaby feel comforted and relaxed with a massage roller or a back and neck massager like those from PetWell. The PetWell All-Over Massage Roller creates a smooth rolling motion to reduce inflammation and pain. The PetWell Back and Neck Reliever is good for relieving back, neck, shoulder and hip pain and is shaped to protect your dog's spine.

9. Dog Cookies

Does your furbaby give you sad eyes when you pull fresh-baked cookies out of the oven? We know it's hard to say no to furbabies who want sweets, but as pawrents, we also know what's best for their bellies. The good news is, your furbaby can enjoy festive holiday cookies just like Mom and Dad with cookies made especially for canine digestive systems.

dog cookie basket

Treat your furbaby to a gourmet doggy cookie basket this holiday season. We suggest Bone Bons as a fun source for holiday treats for dogs. At Bone Bons, you can find all kinds of goodies, from a box of doggy "candy" to scrumptious holiday samplers – tempting enough for pawrents to want to eat!

Bone Bon uses organic ingredients and makes their treats free of additives, preservatives, salt, sugar and chemicals. They use only the best ingredients for your pup, such as proteins, fruits and vegetables. Their holiday gift basket is perfect for Christmas and includes holiday-themed frosted cookies, a rope toy, a bully stick and more for a complete present your puppy will love.

Best Dog Product of 2018

furbo holiday gift

There are plenty of wonderful furbaby gifts to choose from this holiday season. However, the best doggy Christmas gift of 2018 is Furbo. To your furbaby, nothing beats your presence, and Furbo Dog Camera is the next best thing to you being there, even when you can't be. When you're away from home, you can still comfort your furbaby with your voice, toss them treats when you decide to and interact with them throughout the day every day. Many pawrents wish they never had to leave their furbaby's side, so Furbo is the perfect gift for both you and your beloved best friend.

Buy Furbo Dog Camera Today

All pawrents know furbabies aren't just pets. They bring us joy every morning when we wake up and see their sparkling eyes. To your furbaby, you're their entire world. Enjoy the holidays together with Furbo and celebrate the bond you share. Contact us to learn more or buy Furbo Dog Camera today, and get ready for holiday cheer that will last all year!

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