Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Trick-or-treating is for kids, and that includes fur kids, too. Don’t let your dog miss out on this fun holiday. Costumes can transform your furry buddy into a scary beast (even if they’re a sweetheart) or into an adorable, hilarious joke that will make everyone smile.

Looking for some festive options? We’ve put together the funniest and best dog costumes for this year:

  • Lion: If your dog is king of the jungle at home, make them really feel the power with a lion costume. With a mane fitted around their head, it’s perfect for dogs who don’t love to dress up in anything that fits over their bodies.


  • Hot Dog: Who can resist a dachshund dressed as a hot dog? These soft foam costumes fit over your fur baby’s whole body and come with lots of accessories, such as sesame seeds and mustard on top. The details of this costume are perfect for lots of great pictures.


  • Banana: For a twist on the hot dog costume, a banana costume is just as adorable and gets lots of laughs.


  • Vampire: Your dog already has the canines for it, so why not go all out with a spooky cape that transforms them into Count (or Countess) Dracula?
  • Matching With You: Couples costumes for you and your pet are a whole category in and of themselves. You could go as Dorothy and Toto from the Wizard of Oz — your furry friend can be Toto, or switch roles and dress them as Dorothy for a laugh. You can also go as a Cowboy and Sherriff to show who’s really in charge at home.
  • Dinosaur: Let your dog express their inner beast with a dinosaur costume that lets them be a fierce, ancient predator for the day.


  • Coffee Cup: If you love your fur baby the way you love coffee on a cold morning, show everyone by popping them into a coffee cup costume. It’s adorable — especially if your furry friend is the color of a beautiful mocha. With a cute cap that serves as a lid, this costume is sure to inspire lots of cooing.


  • Superhero: Your furriest family member is already a hero dog, keeping your home safe and giving you unwavering love after a hard day. Recognize their heroism with a Superman, Batman or another superhero costume. You can even make this into one of the great matching dog and owner Halloween costumes by dressing up as Robin alongside your dog’s Batman.
  • Pet Ears: If you’re looking for a simple costume that won’t get in the way too much, Yoda ears, bunny ears or another headband with ears are perfect for dressing up your dog simply. Just pop the ears on, and your fur baby is ready for their close-up. This can be an especially good choice for active dogs who might get tangled up or frustrated with a full-body costume that affects their movement.

Whether you decide to go with funny dog and owner costumes or something traditional, Halloween is a time to treasure with your dog. Get your furkid a Furbo Dog Camera today. You can save $50 and get 30 packs of free treats valued at $45. 


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