Can You Leave a Dog Alone Overnight?

Can you leave a dog alone overnight? There are times you may not be able to be at home at night, whether it's a short out-of-town trip or a late night at the office. If something comes up, you may be anxious about the needs of your four-legged friend. And why not? Many pup parents feel guilty about a few hours spent away from their furbaby, let alone leaving them overnight. If you take proper precautions ahead of time, though, leaving your pup through the night may be possible. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you decide to leave your dog alone overnight.

Questions to Ask Before Leaving Your Dog Alone at Night

When contemplating whether or not to leave your dog alone overnight, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind beforehand:

  • Does your dog regularly spend extended periods of time alone? If you work from home most of the time and your dog is used to you being there a lot, it can be cruel to suddenly be away for hours and hours. More to the point, it can be difficult for your pup to hold his bladder for that long. If, on the other hand, your furbaby is used to you being gone all day at work and is usually pretty relaxed about it, you may be able to leave them alone at night.


  • Do you usually spend time at home at night? If you usually snuggle at night with your dog and your dog sleeps with you, he or she may become very distressed and upset if you're suddenly not there one night. On the other hand, if your dog spends their time at night in a crate, it may be easier for them to adjust.
  • What is your dog's temperament and breed? Some dogs are more prone to separation anxiety than others. It's important to research your dog's breed fully so you can understand his temperament and personality.
  • Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety or a medical condition? Some dogs have medical conditions or experience such distress and anxiety when you're not there that it’s not advisable to leave them alone for long periods of time. If this is the case, hire a pet sitter or get a friend to stay with your dog at night.


  • Is your dog prone to acting out? If leaving your dog alone for a short amount of time results in ruined carpets, chewed up shoes and scratched doors, then it may not be a good idea to trust your pup alone by himself all night long.
  • Would you be okay with leaving your dog alone at night? It's not just your furbaby you need to worry about. Do you think it is cruel to leave the dog alone overnight? If you do, you may end up being so worried about your dog that you don’t enjoy your night out anyway.


  • How long will you be away? You don't want to be leaving a dog alone for 24 hours or more because they will need to go potty and go out for some exercise. If you need to be away for longer, hire a sitter or get a friend to care for your dog.

Make Sure Your Dogs Feels Comfortable and Safe

If you have asked yourself these questions and feel that leaving your dog alone overnight is okay, then make sure he's ready for an extended time alone. There are a few things you can do to ensure your dog stays cozy while you're away:

  • Feed your dog before you go and fill his water bowl. You may even want to invest in an auto-fill water bowl, sohe doesn't get dehydrated.
  • Take your dog out to relieve himself right before you head out. You'll also want to ensure he has a bowel movement if possible.
  • Get a cozy place for your dog to sleep. If he's used to sleeping with you, keep your bedroom door open. Otherwise, have his dog bed handy or get him situated with a cozy mat in his crate.

make sure dog has toys

  • Make sure he has plenty of toys and activities to keep him entertained. Kongs filled with treats or peanut butter can keep him busy for a while, as do bones or antlers he can chew on.
  • If your dog is prone to anxiety, swaddle or thunder jackets apply a gentle pressure that keeps doggies calm.

Finding a Doggie Pet Sitter

If you know your pup struggles with anxiety or has a medical condition that prevents him from safely being alone overnight, there are other options you can consider. Many veterinarians, pet stores and privately-owned doggie daycares allow you to kennel your dog overnight. If you already frequent any of these businesses, your dog will be familiar with the workers there, making him less prone to anxiety.

doggie pet sitter

Consider, however, that if you put your dog in a kennel, they may be alone at night in a crate, anyway. How well your dog responds to being left alone overnight is a very personalized experience. One dog may be perfectly fine with it and another may be extremely distressed.

Another option if you want to spare yourself the expense of putting your dog in a kennel overnight is to find someone closer to home who is willing to stay with your pooch or at least check in. You could ask a friend or family member or even a close neighbor. The benefit of asking someone you know is that chances are your dog is already comfortable with that person. Your pup will be less anxious having a familiar person taking care of him.

Keep Tabs on Your Furbaby

If you do decide to leave your dog alone during the day or at night, make sure you have a way of checking up on your furbaby. One of the biggest dangers of a dog being left alone at any time is that in the case of an emergency they have no way of leaving the house to get help.

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