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Pandemic pups are going to be home alone for the first time, ever
It’s time to go back to the office, and no one is less excited than your furbaby. It’s a transitional time for them and you. Gone are the days of laying in your lap during Zoom meetings. But luckily, you can count on them to greet you with a wagging tail when you finally arrive home! No matter what your new circumstances look like, it’s a change that can stir separation anxiety or fears in your dog.  Although both of your days will look different now, it’s nothing your pup can’t adjust to with a little help.
Going on Vacation? Here are Some Tips for Leaving Your Dog for the First Time

You and your dog do everything together — from enjoying long walks on sunny days and playing in the park, to curling up together on the couch when the weather isn't so cooperative - you're two peas in a pod. You can't imagine life without the friendly panting, tail-wagging and begging of your best friend and baby, so it's hard to picture spending a vacation without him or her. Who will feed her? Will your caregiver give him enough cuddles? Is your dog better off at home, out in the backyard, boarded at a kennel or left with a friend or family member? 



The Benefits and Risks of Spaying or Neutering Your Dog
At shelters, millions of dogs and kittens are euthanized every year because of irresponsible owners and poor breeding practices. Spaying and neutering can help control the dog population at shelters, and also bring many additional benefits for your pup! Read along to find out the pros and cons of spaying or neutering your furbaby. 
Things to Consider Before Fostering a Dog

You might have heard the saying “fostering saves lives”, and it’s true. Foster parents are also extremely important to help animals that are either pregnant, too young, injured, recovering from an illness, or suffers from kennel anxiety. However, there are pros and cons that comes with fostering. Here we list out 5 things to consider before committing to fostering.

How to Safely Hold Your Dog
Picking up and carrying your dog is usually a simple and intuitive task that does not require much learning. However, it’s not uncommon that dog owners would accidentally hurt their dogs in the process of picking them up. Follow our guide to safely pick up your pup with the most comfort! 
The Pros and Cons of Large Dogs
Generally large dogs such as the Golden Retriever and American Staffordshire Terrier weigh at least 50 pounds and can grow up to 70 pounds. There are also giant dog breeds such as the Great Dane or Bernese Mountain Dog that can grow past 100 pounds. 
The Pros and Cons of Small Dogs
At Furbo, we love all dogs no matter their size, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. But some dog sizes may be more suited to your personality and lifestyle than others, which is very important to consider when bringing a new dog home. So if you’re considering a small dog, it’s best to go over the pros and cons first so you can make an informed decision.
Can Dogs Experience Depression?
We tend to think of depression as a very human ailment, but unfortunately, many of our beloved pets may suffer from the mood disorder. But since our dogs can't speak for themselves, it’s hard to make a diagnosis. So, how do we identify depression in dogs? Turns out we have a lot of clues to go on.
How to Bathe Your Dog at Home
For owners of big dogs, baths can be difficult and messy; for those of us with small dogs, it can be stressful as our pups get anxious. The most important thing we can do is learn how to properly bathe our dogs, so read on for a step-by-step guide!
How Dog-Friendly Is Your Home?
Just as with the needs of a child, you need to make sure your home is dog-friendly for your furbaby. Would your home pass the dog safety test? Read on for a list of safety measures to ensure your dog's wellbeing.
How to Help Dogs With Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety is one of the most common dog behavior problems described by dog owners. It’s never a fun experience leaving your dog at home, but there will come a time when you need to go to work. Unless you work a pet friendly job, it’s inevitable that your fur baby will need to spend some time alone. Here are some tips to help make your dog enjoy staying at home alone. 
Why Do Dogs Sniff Everything?

Want to know why your dog is always sniffing around?  Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and that’s how they understand the world. While we humans use our eyes to see the world, dogs use their noses to distinguish things around them. With an extremely precise nose, dogs love to sniff around, to explore, and to enjoy all the stimulating scents in this world. Read along to understand more about your dog’s sniffing behavior! 

Why Won't My Dog Stop Barking?

Trying to convince your dog to not bark when you’re not there can feel like a pretty big task, and you’re more likely to succeed if you know the reason for all the fuss in the first place. Here are five reasons why your dog won’t stop barking. 

10 Actions to Stop Your Dog From Barking
Have you ever wondered why your dog won’t stop barking? Barking is your dog’s way of communication; however, it’s often perceived as a problem by many dog owners. Before you start treating your dog’s barking problem, it’s important to understand why your dog is barking in the first place. We listed out 10 tips to stop your beloved pup from barking all-day everyday.  
The Top 5 Most Common Dog Behavior Problems
If you’re noticing problems with your pup, it’s helpful to know that many behavioral issues are common. And luckily, most can be solved at home with some dedicated training. Read on for the top five dog behavior problems and their solutions.
Exercise Improves Dog Behavior
Did you know that regular exercise improves your dog’s behavior? Exercise is tied to a host of changes in physical and mental health, which is true for both easy exercise and more complex training. So, what kind of benefits can come from giving your pooch the exercise they need?
How to Raise A Puppy While Working Full-Time

Do you ever wonder what your puppy is doing while you’re at work? Leaving a puppy alone while at work is no fun for anyone—neither you nor your furbaby. However, it may be necessary if you need to work to pay the bills and the dog food. If you’re working full time with a puppy, here are 6 advice you’ll want to take note of if you’re trying to make it all work! 

Can I Leave My Puppy At Home Alone?
It’s often that we hear people compare the experience of raising a puppy with raising a baby. While the experience might differ, most puppy owners can assure you that raising a puppy is definitely a job that will test your patience. To keep your dog safe and happy with delicious treats and fun toys, you’ll need to go to work and earn money. This brings us to the ultimate question: can I leave my puppy at home alone
Types of Dog Treats Your Dog Should Avoid
As dog parents, we are the gatekeeper to our dog’s health, so we must feed them the right snacks. We’re listing out some treats you might want to be cautious of from raw hide to peanut butter, here are things you should watch out for.
What should I feed my dog? Dry, Cooked, or Raw Diet?
Have you ever thought about your dog’s diet the same way you think about your own? Dogs are hardcore foodies. With their incredible sense of smell and ultra specific taste receptors, dogs absolutely adore food. While humans have the option of dining in, cooking at home, or ordering takeout, dogs rely on their hoomans to pick the right diet for them. 
Dog Sitter v.s. Dog Walker
You don’t want to leave your buddy home alone all day. You might have tried hiring a dog walker so your dog can have some exercise while you’re gone. If you have a bit more budget, you might have tried a dog sitter so your pup can have all the attention they need.
Pet Supplies Must-haves for New Dog Owners
You’re ready to welcome a furbaby into your life, but have you prepared everything? We’ve compiled a list of things of must-have pet suppliers for new pet parents to prepare for your soon-to-be furchild
How Deep Is a Dog’s Love?
You may wonder - how deep is your pup’s love for you? We’ll put it simply: your dog’s love for you is unconditional. Want proof? Turns out that unconditional love leaves evidence. Read on!
How to Handle Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety may be difficult to handle, especially when you hear the sad sounds your dog makes when you’re about to leave for work. Now that many Americans are headed back to work, your pup's separation anxiety may get worse if they’ve gotten used to you hanging out at home. So, how do you identify separation anxiety in your pup, and what do you do about it?
Top 5 Signs Your Dog Could Be in Discomfort
Do you know the cues that indicate your dog may be uncomfortable or in pain? You’re probably familiar with a lot of your furbaby’s cues, like whining or growling. But our dogs have a larger body language vocabulary than that, it turns out. Read on for the top five things you need to know.
How Well Does Your Dog Understand You?
Do you ever wonder if your dog can understand you? Canine researchers estimate that a dog’s intelligence is close to that of a 2-year-old child. Pretty smart! This means that dogs are highly perceptive and pick up a lot about their owners, including their body language and smell. So, what are we communicating to our pups?
Simple Commands You Should Teach Your Pup
There are so many commands and tricks you can teach your pup but starting with these first 5 basic commands will help going out with your doggo and future training easier.
Why Is Your Dog Destructive?
It’s happened to most of us. We come home, and the dog has shredded our couch pillows, shoes, or worse. But it’s important to remember that dogs don’t usually exhibit destructive behavior just to act out - it’s usually part of extreme anxiety.
Why You Should Dogproof Your Doors
Have you ever been baffled by how your pup got into the garage, or maybe that one special room you try to keep extra nice for company? It’s a real mystery - until you catch them on camera with Furbo. We've got some tips to keep your dog from turning that doorknob!
No More Counter Surfing! Learn How
Pawrents of big dogs - or even a tricky small pup! - often struggle with keeping them away from the kitchen counter. This is especially important to address, because our delicious food (like chocolate) may be poison to dogs. Recently, Furbo owner Eva L. caught her big guy shamelessly cruising the kitchen counter, live and on camera. We've got tips to help change this behavior!
How to Keep Your Blind Dog Safe at Home Alone
Just like humans, dogs have their own variety of impairments. Some pups are born blind, while others lose their vision later in life due to a range of medical conditions. Blind dogs are very resilient, and can lead full lives! But they do need some special help, which is where Furbo comes in.
Canine Seizures: What to Know & How to Help with Furbo
Dog seizures are more common than we might think - about 1 in 20 dogs will have a seizure in their lifetime. Although a seizure doesn’t necessarily indicate epilepsy, it is still dangerous and scary for the pup. Furbo can help you keep track of your dog's seizures for the vet, and help make sure your pup is happy and healthy.
Say Goodbye to Separation Anxiety with Furbo
At Furbo, we love and support adoption - so many pets are out there just waiting to be loved! A few months ago, we gave away 50 free Furbos to adoptive families to help furbabies adjust to their new homes, and to give new pawrents peace of mind. Read on to hear how Furbo helped with this pup’s transition from shelter to fur-ever home!
Furbo Saves Dogs’ Lives: Romeo
“I couldn't imagine life without Furbo” - Madeline, Furbo pawrent. Many dog owners put their pups in crates when they’re away to prevent accidents and mischief, but crates can actually be dangerous for dogs alone. Particularly when they’re wearing collars, dogs can get caught and choke - luckily, Furbo can help keep your dogs from deadly accidents.
Foster “Failure”: From Kennel to Forever Home

Foster homes can make all the difference in the world for a homeless dog. Often they need a place to live if they are too young or too sick to be adopted, and temporary fostering can save these pups’ lives until they find their home. We were thrilled to meet community member Shelly and her pup Watson! Shelly saved Watson from euthanasia, and told us about his foster journey.

How to Teach Your Dog to Communicate with Buttons

Dogs are able to understand human language when we create associations with things or activities, and express themselves with the ways they know how; barking, whining, growling, sighing, and more. By creating associations with activities and a communication tool, we can create a way to communicate with our dogs in daily life.

A Dog's Emotional Cup: How to Enrich Your Dog's Life

As devoted dog lovers, we are always seeking ways to enrich the lives of our pets. Besides food, water, and bathroom breaks, dogs require a lot more enrichment to satisfy natural instincts and urges such as sniffing, chewing, and barking. While training dogs to be good house pets, we have a tendency to restrain them from barking out the window and chewing on furniture. Our pups still require release of what’s natural to them through appropriate mediums to chew, dig, and forage. The professional dog trainer, Sarah Owings, describes daily requirements and activities as “what fills” and “what empties” a “dog’s emotional cup.” 

How to Massage Your Dog to Bond & Relieve Anxiety

A dog massage may seem like a  pretty indulgent spa service, however it can improve your pet’s mental and physical health. By taking time to massage your dog, you can not only  strengthen your bond, but also reduce stress and anxiety, increase blood circulation, and decrease aches and pain. Massaging is easy to incorporate into your regular petting routine!

Safe Treats for Your Dog While Home Alone

Chewing is instinctive and necessary for our pups, and treats can be a great distraction while home alone. While bones, rawhides, and other treats are delicious for your pup to enjoy, although they can pose a choking hazard if left unattended. Fractured teeth, oral injuries, airway obstruction, and gastrointestinal complications are all a risk for dogs chewing on a treat. In order to keep your pup safe and happy, consider implementing these treats into your doggo’s diet.

National Pet Fire Safety Day — How to Keep Your Pets Safe from House Fires

National Pet Fire Safety Day, on July 15th, is a national holiday dedicated to spreading awareness on how leaving pets home alone can lead to potential risks related to house fires. 500,000 pets are affected by house fires each year, with 1,000 house fires started by pets themselves, according to the National Fire Protection Association. 

Craft for your Local Shelters Day - 5 Crafts to Donate to an Animal Shelter

National Craft for your Local Shelters Day, on July 21st, is a holiday to recognize that we can donate to our local shelters with acts of love and kindness. This includes making beds, toys, vests and bandanas that say "adopt me," leashes, and more! Using fabric or even old clothing that you have around your house, you can make a difference for furbabies in need.

Before you begin, be sure to contact the shelter you’re considering donating to and confirm that they will receive your donation! Some shelters may have a surplus of supplies, or may appreciate different crafts more than others.

How to Use Amazon Alexa to Keep Your Dog Safe

Alexa can be extremely helpful for managing our devices around the house, telling us about the weather, and making shopping lists. But what can Alexa do for our furbabies? With the help of technology, we can enrich the lives of our pets and keep them safe while we’re away. Anxiety is extremely common in dogs, whether it be triggered by loud noises or their owner’s absence.  Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your Alexa devices, and ease anxiety in your pets.

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe & Happy During Fourth of July Fireworks

Fireworks can be fun and exciting for hoomans, but not so much for our furbabies. The loud bangs, smokey smell, and bright flashes of light can cause anxiety along with barking, howling, and crying. Some pups may even try to escape their homes, leading to the Fourth of July having the highest rate of lost pets than any other day of the year. Even if your dog is well-behaved normally, it’s important to keep them safe by taking extra precautions the week of Independence Day.

Vet : Preventing Separation Anxiety as Furparents Return to Work
While many furparents wish they could be at home with their furbabies 24/7, responsibilities such as work, errands, and grocery shopping pull us away from them. A sharp change in routine can be extremely stressful for our dogs, especially when they’re unable to understand when we’ll return. The result of this stress is separation anxiety; whether it appears in the form of crying, barking, chewing of shoes, or attempts to escape. Separation anxiety is a common but difficult condition many dogs and owners face. It can be distressing not only for your dog, but also leave you as an owner feeling guilty for going out and leaving your best friend at home. 
Vet: The Most Common Home-Alone Accidents for Senior Dogs

Leaving your dog at home while you’re working at the office for eight hours, or even just shopping at the grocery store for two hours, can be incredibly stressful as a furparent. Even when a house is pup-proofed, there are infinite ways that your dog can manage to find trouble. Your mind races with “what-ifs” and you find yourself constantly distracted instead of getting work done. 

We spoke to Dr. Hannah Curtis, who provides at-home general wellness veterinary care in North Orange County, California. 

Vet: The Most Common Home-Alone Accidents for Younger Dogs

Leaving your dog at home while you’re working at the office for eight hours, or even just shopping at the grocery store for two hours, can be incredibly stressful as a furparent. Even when a house is pup-proofed, there are infinite ways that your dog can manage to find trouble. Your mind races with “what-ifs” and you find yourself constantly distracted instead of getting work done. 

Younger dogs that are filled with energy are constantly seeking stimulation, and have a tendency to go scavenging for fun things to play with and eat. So how can a parent protect their furbaby while they’re away? 

Winter Care for Dogs
Once November rolls around, we start to break out the boots and winter coats — but what about our furry friends? What do we need to do to prepare them for the winter season?
Crate Training Do's and Don'ts
So, you're bringing home a new dog. This is sure to be an exciting time for you and your family as you discover all the joys a furbaby brings. However, with great dogs comes the great responsibility of training. Whether you have a new puppy or a pooch that's a bit older, you'll need to show them the ropes. One excellent method to employ is crate training.
9 Ways to Mentally Stimulate Your Dog While You're Away
It's hard to leave your furbaby home alone, especially if you're worried they're bored or lonely. Unfortunately, you can't quit your job to cuddle with your furry friend all day long, so how can you have peace of mind while you're away? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make sure your floof is having a ball while you're gone. You can enjoy your time apart and still rejoice in your time together. The key lies in mental stimulation.
Dog Breeds That Love Other Dogs
When you're a dog lover, sometimes one four-legged friend just isn't enough. There are those of us who love the idea of a home filled with loveable, adorable pups. But if you are going to have a house full of dogs, it's important to create a harmonious balance. You want to find dog breeds who get along and become best pals with both you and each other.
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