Canine Seizures: What to Know & How to Help with Furbo

Dog seizures are more common than we might think - about 1 in 20 dogs will have a seizure in their lifetime. Although a seizure doesn’t necessarily indicate epilepsy, it is still dangerous, scary for the pup, and something that the vet needs to investigate.

Recently, dog mom Vicki Jo walked into her house to find her poodle in the middle of a seizure. 

I walked in the front door today to find my poodle having a seizure. Thanks to Furbo,  I was able to see when it happened.  Looks like as soon as I walked in the door. Prayers this was a one time event but so glad I had the video to show my vet and see what happened and when...he's sitting to the right of the couch.”

She rushed him to the vet and, thanks to Furbo, was able to show the vet a video of what happened and how long it lasted. Happily, her boy is fine now and back to playing with his furry friends. 

So, what symptoms should we watch out for in our pups?

A seizure may contain these symptoms, among others:

  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Falling down and thrashing
  • Passing out
  • Drooling


 What should we do?

Remain calm for your dog. Then:

  • Time the seizure
  • Cushion your pup’s head and very gently hold him
  • If the seizure lasts more than 2 minutes, your pup may be at risk of overheating. Cool him with wet cloths around his paws and head
  • And, of course...take him into his doggie doctor!

If your dog is epileptic, Furbo can help you catch and track his seizures through the Activity Alerts, part of the Furbo Dog Nanny service. Activity Alerts automatically record your dog’s activity, whether it’s running, jumping, or a seizure, and save the video with Cloud Recording. It’s a great benefit to your pup’s health and your peace of mind!

We’re so glad Vicki Jo’s pup is here with us today - learn more about what Furbo Dog Nanny can do for your dog!



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