Dog Breeds That Love Other Dogs

When you're a dog lover, sometimes one four-legged friend just isn't enough. There are those of us who love the idea of a home filled with loveable, adorable pups. But if you are going to have a house full of dogs, it's important to create a harmonious balance. You want to find dog breeds who get along and become best pals with both you and each other.

Dogs have been by the sides of humans for thousands of years, and over time, we have bred them for a variety of jobs. Some dogs were trained to not only socialize well with humans but also with other dogs. This includes dogs bred for hunting, sledding and companionship. Other breeds find it harder to be social and are a bit more protective of their pawrents and their homes, like those originally bred for guarding and fighting.

Dogs have an amazing capacity for companionship. When properly socialized, they will attempt to establish a good-natured relationship with almost any breed — or any species for that matter. Dogs have been known to bond with dogs, cats and a variety of other animals so much that they mourn when their buddy passes away.

However, certain breeds just seem to get along better with their fellow pooches. If you're looking to add another member to your dog-friendly home, here are our top recommendations for dog breeds that love other dogs:

1. Labrador Retriever

labs like other dogs

This lovable breed rarely meets a stranger they didn't want to be best friends with. They seem to have boundless energy in their younger years and will love wrestling, fetching and chasing any dog you have at home. Once you fall in love with a Lab, you'll soon understand why they are one of the most popular breeds in the United States.

2. Golden Retriever

People-pleasing is the name of the game for Golden Retrievers. But they're also known for sharing their large heart with other dogs in the home. They are one of the most social breeds and will show affection to almost any species, friend or stranger. Their playful and friendly nature make them a buddy to all.

3. Beagle

beagles and other dogs

Beagles are known for their pack instinct which causes them to create strong bonds with both humans and dogs alike. For hundreds of years, they were bred for hunting and would roam the fields with other dogs. However, they have a sweet and affectionate nature that makes them gentle and friendly.

4. Collie

Thanks to the TV show Lassie, we all know about the loving and companionable nature of the Collie. But this breed doesn't just connect to little boys in need of rescuing. They are also tremendous family dogs, whether you have two legs or four.

5. Siberian Husky

friendly siberian husky

As the name implies, this breed originally comes from Russia where they were bred as sled dogs. This need for cooperation in a sled team has given them an innate sense of camaraderie with other dogs. It should be noted that they are usually better around dogs of the same size or larger as they have a high prey drive.

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