Foster “Failure”: From Kennel to Forever Home

Foster homes can make all the difference in the world for a homeless dog. Often they need a place to live if they are too young or too sick to be adopted, and temporary fostering can save these pups’ lives until they find their home. 

We were thrilled to meet Furbo Fam community member Shelly and her pup Watson! Shelly saved Watson from euthanasia, and gave him a beautiful doggy home. Shelter dogs like Watson often have special issues, which Furbo can help with - Watson’s Furbo has been essential in his transition, along with a lot of love.

Read more about this foster journey! 

In a South Carolina shelter last Christmas, a tiny, terrified beagle was just days away from being euthanized. The shelter had no beds or blankets, and the dogs had no outside access. His time was running out.

Thankfully, someone stepped in. The coworker of a very dedicated dog mom, Shelly, brought him home temporarily for some TLC. The family then reached out to Shelly with a simple description of the dog, wondering if she could take care of him, and something inside her said that she should help this pup out.

“I have been questioned on my passion to help animals in need. I have been told I don’t need more dogs. But why would I not want to help save the life of a perfectly good dog?” - Shelly 

Shelly brought the pup, whom she named Watson, to her home a few days later. He was scared of quick movements and noise, and had severe separation anxiety. He still doesn’t like being away from Shelly, so their Furbo helps to keep them connected even when Shelly is out of the house: she speaks to him through the camera to let him know she’s “there,” and sends him quick treats.

Watson has warmed up, and fell in love with Shelly’s other beagles, who soon became his friends. His tail began to wag. He began learning to play with toys, how to trust, how to love and - according to Shelly - he is the king of cuddles. He also loves to chew on wood, something that Shelly is very thankful to catch on Furbo so she can stop him!

Best of all? Watson is a “foster failure,” meaning that Shelly adopted him for good. He loves wrestling with his sister Olive Oyl, doing zoomies in the yard, and teasing his four sisters with his toys. And, of course, he’s a real mama’s boy. 

If you have extra love and care to give, fostering is one of the best things you can do to help our furry friends.

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