Furbo Saves Dogs’ Lives: Romeo

I couldn't imagine life without Furbo” - Madeline, Romeo’s owner

Many pawrents put their pups in crates when they’re away to prevent accidents and mischief, but crates can actually be dangerous for dogs alone. Particularly when they’re wearing collars, dogs can get caught and choke - and in some rare instances, items pulled into the crate can be near-deadly to furbabies too, like with Furbo pup Romeo. (Check out our earlier post on home safety for dogs.)

Madeline, the mama of Romeo, a 1-year-old Chiweenie, was out of the country and left Romeo under the care of her roommate. She was at the airport in London when she got a bark notification.

 “My adrenaline went through the roof.”

Romeo had pulled the handles of a bag all the way through his crate. The handles were wrapped around his neck, and the bag was still sitting on top of the crate. He was making noises and trying helplessly to untangle himself.

“I watched completely helplessly and panicked.”

Madeline made nonstop calls to her roommate’s cell, to no avail; she finally got through by calling his Amazon Echo. He jumped up and went to Romeo’s aid. 

All from 4,400 miles away, Madeline saved her dog.

We couldn’t be more grateful that Furbo helped save Romeo. He loves cuddling, laying in his bed and looking out the window, going for walks, and coming to work with Madeline every day. The two are inseparable, and will stay that way. 

“Romeo is safe and I’m forever thankful.” Learn more about how Furbo Dog Nanny can keep your own pup safe. 

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