How to Massage Your Dog to Bond & Relieve Anxiety

A dog massage may seem like a  pretty indulgent spa service, however it can improve your pet’s mental and physical health. By taking time to massage your dog, you can not only  strengthen your bond, but also reduce stress and anxiety, increase blood circulation, and decrease aches and pain. Massaging is easy to incorporate into your regular petting routine!

How Massage Improves Your Dog’s Physical & Mental Health

Anxiety: Gentle hands-on massage can be effective in reducing everyday anxiety in our pups, including during stressful situations such as a thunderstorm or fireworks.

Sore Muscles & Joints: Rubbing and kneading your pup can help increase blood circulation to muscles and joints, and improve arthritis in senior dogs. Pressure on sore muscles causes the tissue to contract and increase blood flow.

Pre & Post-Activity: While our pups stretch everyday, a pre-workout or post-activity massage can help prevent injury and soreness.

How to Massage Your Dog

Feel free to freestyle your massage based on whatever works for you and your pup, while incorporating soft strokes with flat palms. Start from the head and neck and work down their body with increased pressure if your pup enjoys it. Here are some great techniques to work into your routine:

Illustrations by Lili Chin

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