How to Keep Your Blind Dog Safe at Home Alone

Just like humans, dogs can have their own variety of impairments. Some pups are born blind, while others lose their vision later in life due to a range of medical conditions. Blind dogs are very resilient, and can lead full lives! But they do need some special help, just like this lovable foster pup, Kobe.

So what can we do for our vision-impaired pups? 
  • Create a safe zone for your dog
  • Keep food in the safe place
  • Talk to your dog frequently
  • Appeal to their sense of smell in activities
  • Keep a routine

When Kobe is home alone, his pawrent uses Furbo to follow these tips. Furbo is perfect for dogs with vision impairment: even though Kobe can’t see the machine, he can hear the distinctive treat toss sound and smell the treats every time. Plus, he can hear the loving voices of his pawrents, which calms him down. The treats are also a routine, which is calming, and keeps him within his safe zone. 

We’re rooting for Kobe on his foster journey; who wouldn’t want to home this baby? And with Furbo, he’ll always be safe and happy even when he’s home alone.

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