The World through Your Dog's Eyes
Nov 09, 2016

Do you ever wonder if your dog can see what you see?

Do you think your dog can only see in black and white?

Understanding the way your dog sees the world truly puts you in the "paws" of your dog, exploring a new perception and reality.

 Dogs can actually see blue and yellow!

The colors that your dog can see are similar to people who have red-green color-blindness. This means your dog can only distinguish between yellow, blue, and shades of gray. The green grass playground that you see is all white and gray in your dog's eyes. It is better to get your dog toys that are blue or yellow, that way it would be easier to distinguish when you play together.

Dogs can see colors


Although dogs are nearsighted, their field vision is much wider

 We can see clearly at about 80 feet away from us, and dogs can only see clearly within 20 feet. This fact might seem like a disadvantage, but dogs evolved to have a much wider field vision than humans (180° vs. 240° angle). This allows dogs to be much more aware of their surroundings.

Dog's wide angle vision


You can trust your dog at night

 Although we see colors better than dogs, they can see much better at night! Dogs are also much more sensitive to motion and smell, which helps them become good hunters and quick to recognize if there is any danger.


Dog's can see better at night


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Furbo is designed to show your doggie the most care and love. When you toss a treat to your dog or when you are watching over him or her, Furbo shows the color blue. Furbo turns to yellow when it is break time.

Your smart doggie will know the difference between blue and yellow, and will certainly call your attention for more love and treats.

Furbo light


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