Vet: The Most Common Home-Alone Accidents for Senior Dogs

Leaving your dog at home while you’re working at the office for eight hours, or even just shopping at the grocery store for two hours, can be incredibly stressful as a furparent. Even when a house is pup-proofed, there are infinite ways that your dog can manage to find trouble. Your mind races with “what-ifs” and you find yourself constantly distracted instead of getting work done. 

We spoke to Dr. Hannah Curtis, who provides at-home general wellness veterinary care in North Orange County, California. 

“Our older, senior dogs may be at home resting much of the time while we're out, but they can slip and fall or take a turn for the worse when we are away. Dogs with chronic arthritis or cognitive dysfunction (doggie dementia) can end up getting themselves stuck in strange places such as under tables and chairs or in tight corners, and they can become frightened and stressed.”

What You Can Do To Protect Your Pup

You may be asking yourself, what can I do to protect my senior pup while I’m away? Dr. Hannah explained that senior pets and pets with chronic conditions typically need more frequent monitoring. 

“Having a way to check in on them throughout the day can be helpful in understanding the progression of their disease so that we can make the necessary changes to help them have a better quality of life even when we aren't able to be home with them. Being able to periodically check in with your dog via a camera at home could help avoid further intoxication, injury and suffering.”

Dr. Hannah uses her Furbo Dog Camera to help monitor her pups while she’s working:

“Checking in on our 3 dogs at home while we are working long days has been so important to us. When I get to see the dogs sleeping, barking at the garbage truck or watching TV it automatically makes me feel less stressed. It is comforting to know that they are home safe when I'm caring for other family's pets.“

How Furbo Can Help

In addition to being able to watch live video, talk to your pup, and toss treats, Furbo provides Barking and Dog Activity Alerts which notify you when your furbaby may be getting in trouble. 

Poor Chester the pug fell behind the couch while his furparents were away. Luckily, the Furbo Dog Camera sent Chester’s dad a Dog Activity Alert, and he was able to rush home to save him.



The Furbo Dog Nanny is a dog-monitoring service that helps look after your dog and keep them safe at home. With Smart Alerts and Cloud Recording Videos you can know exactly what’s going on at home and be alerted of emergencies in real-time, and play back important moments you may have missed.


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