All you need to know about the new Furbo 360°

Whether you’re a new pup parent or a previous Furbo user, the all-new Furbo 360° offers so many fun features for an interactive experience for you and your dog while you’re away from home. 

Check out this video of a mission imPAWssible where you can see the Furbo 360° in action and read about all the highlights below!

Best-in-class Rotating 360° Views

As the name highlights, our new wide-angle camera rotates to provide 360° views for a full view of the room, so you can keep up with all your pup’s adventures. This offers a more expansive view, so you can see your dog exploring even the furthest of corners.

Updated Treat Tossing

We love to give our furbabies a little snack throughout the day to let them know they’re being a good pup! Furbo 360's updated treat tossing features a quieter sound and the ability to toss to different sides of the room with rotation option. Treat tossing can be utilized not only as a reward, but as stimulation for pups for a potential distraction. If your pup needs a little motivation to move to the other side of the room, toss them a treat using the rotation feature!

Auto-Dog Tracking

Along with camera rotation, Furbo 360 uses AI technology to automatically rotate the camera along with your dog’s movements. This provides a seamless experience with the app as there’s no need for guesswork as to where your pup is. Using it with a Furbo Dog Nanny subscription enables some extra features as well. Every Furbo 360° comes with FREE 30-day trial of Furbo Dog Nanny, learn more about it here.

Real-Time 2 Way Audio

Our audio feature can soothe your pup with your voice. This can be important for dogs with separation anxiety, as dogs can recognize their owners’ voice. The real-time audio allows for less delay when communicating with your furbaby. This feature can be used for reward, reassurance, or redirecting your pup when needed.

Not only does the Furbo 360 give peace of mind, but allows for a full connection with your pup from anywhere. The new Furbo keeps your dog safe, stimulated, and incorporates fun throughout both of your days!

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