How the new Furbo 360° Dog Camera will change your life

Have you ever wondered what your dog is up to while you’re away from home? Do they play, explore, get into trouble, or spend lots of time missing you? If you’ve ever wanted to check on your beloved pup, the Furbo 360° Dog Camera features best-in-class smart pet technology that keeps you and your furbaby connected wherever you are. Since launching our original Furbo Dog Camera, we've taken years of invaluable feedback to make the Furbo 360° the best dog camera possible. These includes some major updates, as well as brand new features!

Rotating 360° Views

We’re helping you see even more than ever before with an all-new rotating camera that gives 360° wide-angle views of your room. From the Furbo app, you’re able to turn the 1080p Full HD camera left and right to see all around your space. Wherever your dog may be hiding, relaxing, playing, or getting into trouble - you’ll be able to find them!

Auto Dog Tracking

Along with the rotating camera, the Furbo 360° features Auto Dog Tracking, an AI-powered feature that will automatically rotate the camera to follow your dog while you have the liveview open. Coupled with more expansive views, this allows for a seamless experience in monitoring your pup! 

Furbo 360° Dog Camera

Updated Treat Tossing

One of the best features of Furbo is the Treat Toss, a beloved feature that allows you to toss treats to your pup from anywhere. The updated Treat Toss now comes with an option to select small or large treats - no more overfeeding! The treat toss mechanism moves with the camera, so if your dog needs a distraction, you can toss a treats around the room for them.

Color Night Vision

It’s great to be able to check up on your dog if you’re out at night. If your home has a distant light source (say a night light, or the light from another room is on), the camera will adjust to Color Night Vision. With this feature, you’ll be able to see what your dog is doing in better detail. 

There is so much more to the Furbo 360° than being able to check in on your dog. These new features help keep your dog safe and happy, even when you're not at home. They allow for even more interaction and stimulation so that there’s never a dull moment for your pup when you’re not there. Not only are you able to have peace of mind for your dog’s safety, but able to include some fun too! 

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