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Furbo has Saved
Furbo has helped saved one thousand and one dogs' lives
Dogs’ Lives
Furbo Saves Lives
Furbo's features are designed specifically to keep dogs safe when they are home alone. So far, Furbo helped save 2801 dogs’ lives.
The dining table with glass top failed and broke suddenly while Hera, a great dane, was standing on top of it.
Receiving Furbo's alerts is crucial. Being there on time saves lives. We're lucky Hera's okay, just minor injuries. Pups push the limits and end up in dangerous situations.
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- Loving dog dad, Abel Goldfarb
Recently, I purchased a Furbo Dog Camera and it picked up my dog Roxy stopping Laker from an episode. She is not trained to do this but these two have a bond that I have never seen. If it weren’t for the Furbo, I wouldn’t know Roxy was helping Laker everyday. For that, I am so grateful.
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- Laker’s mom
Furbo Save Lives - Pup almost get hurts from broken Christmas ornaments.
Pup almost gets hurts from broken Christmas ornaments!
We got an activity alert on Furbo during Christmas. When I checked the camera, I saw our Christmas tree had fallen over onto the ground and Knox had his head in it digging for candy cane! The tree water spilled and there was broken ornaments scattered around. I talked to him through Furbo and got him to stay away, Furbo prevent him from getting hurt.
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- @knockyknox
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We would love to hear from you!
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