See How Furbo Dog Nanny Saved Pup from Broken Glass!

“Receiving alerts on time is crucial.” - Abel, Hera’s loving pawrent

Abel, a member of the close-knit Furbo community, checked his Dog Activity Alerts as usual during his workday. But this time, what he saw made him gasp: his Dogo Argentino, Hera, was standing on a glass table one minute, and falling through it the next. The table collapsed beneath her body weight, and Hera took off running. 

Abel raced home to his girl, who had cut her feet open, and took her to the emergency vet. 

He later wrote, “We were really lucky. Hera is going to be okay. Young puppies are always pushing boundaries, creating potentially dangerous situations. Being there on time can save lives.”

That’s exactly what we think. And since we’re always finding ways to keep your furbabies as safe as possible, we began development of a brand-new feature: the Glass-Breaking Alert. It’s an alert that we created to specifically notify you when the sound of broken glass is detected, so if glass breaks around your dog, you’ll be able to rush home as quickly as Hera’s father did. 

The Glass-Breaking Alert is a companion to the suite of Emergency Alerts available in Furbo Dog Nanny, all designed to help you keep your dog safe and sound even when you’re away. 

Don’t leave your dog home alone without Furbo Dog Nanny.

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