How a Pet Camera Can Ease Your Pain

As a dog lover, you probably already know that pets have been linked to happier, calmer, and healthier living. But there’s a flip side to the joy of owning a dog. For every wonderful memory, you’ll make together, you’ll also have to deal with the pain of leaving your dog behind when you go to work, go on vacation to places that aren’t dog-friendly, go out with your friends, or just run errands. It may not be a big deal for a quick trip, but many dog owners start to feel a significant amount of anxiety and even emotional pain at the realization that they have to leave their pet behind day in and day out for work.

Your pet can also begin to feel the effects of being left at home for many hours at a time. Separation anxiety can cause dogs to bark or howl excessively, tear up furniture, or even develop physical symptoms. 

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You can’t exactly quit your job to be with your dog all the time, but no one wants to live with the day to day pain of facing those puppy eyes every morning. That’s where a pet camera can be a huge help. Instead of simply accepting the inevitable twinge every day, you can stick by your pet’s side even when you’re at work. Use a pet camera to check in on your pet whenever you want. Here’s how it can help.

Ease Your Pet’s Separation Anxiety

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With a standard pet camera, you can check up on your dog throughout the day. With a camera like Furbo, you can also interact with your pet, which can help ease their separation anxiety. If you check in on your dog and find them pacing or getting into something they shouldn’t, you can speak to them in real time, toss them a treat, and assure them that everything will be okay. When your dog knows that you are nearby, even if they can’t see you, he or she will be calmer and happier throughout the day.

And you don’t have to worry that your dog’s excitement will damage the pet camera. Furbo is designed to withstand the attention of your happy pup. Suction-cup feet keep Furbo firmly in place, and the rugged design is great for young dogs that are still learning to dial back their enthusiasm indoors.

Get Rid of Bad Behavior


Your pet may still be in the training stage when you have to start leaving them home alone during the day. Furbo pet camera allows you to continue training and correct bad behavior in real time. Furbo will send you a notification if your dog is barking, making it simple for you to remind your pooch that barking inside is a no-no. If you check up on your pooch and find that they respond to your correction, you can reward them with a treat! Furbo will toss a treat into the air, just as if you were there to reinforce good behavior yourself.

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Check up on your dog during the day and notice they are getting into the trash or chewing on something they shouldn’t be? It’s easy to activate the Furbo and correct your dog’s behavior right then. Furbo has a clicking mechanism when it turns on, as well as a color-changing light to indicate when you are checking in. These are great training aids for dogs who need the audio and visual reminder to stop unwanted behavior. Your voice will draw their attention away from the behavior, and you can rest easy knowing that your pet isn’t being left totally unsupervised.

Shed Social Anxiety

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One way that pets help those who suffer from the pain of anxiety is by providing an easy “in” for social interaction. At the dog park, or just walking down the street, other pet lovers will often ask you about your dog, or stop to pet them. That’s a perfect time to strike up a conversation about something that you are passionate about – your pet!

Your pet camera can offer a very similar situation. Do you have a new co-worker, or is there someone else you need or want to talk to? Whip out your smartphone and show them what your pooch is up to in real time. It’s more fun than photos and can be a neat way to meet someone who also love dogs. This gives you a chance to ease into more conversation in the future, which is perfect for anyone who struggles with interaction. Having your pet with you all the time is an excellent benefit for owners who used pet cameras.

Long Distance Can Still Work

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If you are someone who has to travel for work, or you have to go away for a semester of study, leaving your dog behind to go the long distance can feel like a very painful breakup. Talking on video chats is fun, but requires someone else be available to set it up on your dog’s end. Leave your pet camera behind, and you can always connect with your pooch no matter what’s going on. This is a great way to ease the pain of homesickness. It also allows you to continue training your pet even if you travel, and ensure that they still associate you with love and affection when you return.

Furbo Keeps You and Your Pooch Connected

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These are just a few of the many ways that a pet camera can be helpful to anyone who experiences sadness at the thought of being away from their pet during the day. When your little buddy has less separation anxiety, and when you are able to stay connected to them anytime you need to, you’ll both be happier, less stressed, and enjoy a closer bond. Learn more about Furbo and how it can help you and your dog stay connected all day. 

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