Winter Care for Dogs

Once November rolls around, we start to break out the boots and winter coats — but what about our furry friends? What do we need to do to prepare them for the winter season?

Risks like frostbite and hypothermia are very real dangers to your pets, too. Here are four winter care tips for dogs you can use to prepare your pup for the snow, ice and frigid temperatures.

1. Adjust Your Outside Time

One way to protect dogs in winter conditions is to adjust the amount of time they spend outside, as well as the actual time of day they go out. If you can, rearrange your dog's walk schedule so they get most of their outdoor time either in the late morning or early afternoon, the warmest and sunniest part of the day. Not only is it good for your pup to get as much vitamin D as possible, too, but they'll also be much warmer than they would be at the crack of dawn or late at night.

dog on walk

2. Practice Proper Paw Care

To keep dogs safe in snow and ice, be sure to follow proper paw care recommendations for winter weather. This may include the following tasks, depending on your dog's specific needs:

  • Trim the fur between each paw pad, so ice does not build up.
  • Wipe or rinse your dog's paws after a walk to get any salt off.
  • Use a natural paw salve to rejuvenate dry, cracked paws.
  • Spread dog-safe ice melter around your sidewalk and driveway.
  • Consider buying doggie booties if you take your dog on frequent walks in the winter.

Follow these tips to prevent your dog's paw pads from cracking or becoming irritated from the salt and other toxins on the roads and sidewalks during the winter.


3. Bundle Up

Humans wear more layers in the winter, so why shouldn't our pets? In addition to their natural fur coats, bundle your pets up with sweaters, blankets and warm bedding. This is a better option than placing small heaters around the house, as your pet could accidentally burn themselves by getting too close. You could, however, opt for a heated pet bed that stays at a safe temperature for your pup.

dog wearing sweater

4. Switch to a Winter Grooming Routine

In the winter, you shouldn't bathe your dogs quite as often as normal. They naturally create the oils they need to keep their skin and fur moisturized in the cold weather, and overbathing could get rid of more of those oils than you need to.

When you do bathe your pup, remember to dry them thoroughly before letting them outside again. You could even apply coconut oil to your dog's skin and fur to help them stay moisturized.

Add Furbo Dog Camera to Your Winter Dog Safety Tools

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Even though it gets a bit darker in the winter, you can still use Furbo Dog Camera to keep an eye on your pet when you're not home. Thanks to the camera's night vision feature, you'll have no trouble seeing your dog even after the sun has set. Other ideal features include bark alerts, treat tossing, live audio and more. 

Purchase your Furbo today, so you'll always have the peace of mind that your pup is happy, healthy and warm.

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