How Furbo Dog Nanny Helps Keep Your Dog Safe

Every Furbo Dog Camera comes complete with Barking Alerts and Treat Toss, so that you can talk and play with your beloved pup no matter where you are. To give you even greater peace of mind that your dog is safe and happy at home, we created Furbo Dog Nanny, a subscription service that monitors your dog’s daily activities - and much more.  Learn about each Furbo Dog Nanny feature below, and hear stories from other pet parents who love receiving real-time alerts that keep their dog safe.

Cloud Recordings

Furbo Dog Nanny’s Cloud Recording captures 15 seconds of activity, and saves it as a video for you to replay later. This means that every time you get an alert, you don’t need to open it right away; you can scroll through your Cloud Recording videos at your convenience later in the day, giving you a unique glimpse into your dog’s day. 

Feature in action: Nicole, Furbo customer and pawrent of Laker, a handsome Golden Retriever, got a notification on her phone. She checked her Cloud Recordings a little later, and discovered that not only had Laker experienced psychomotor issues, but her other dog, Roxy, interrupted the episode, saving Laker from a full-fledged seizure. Nicole was able to see that Roxy routinely acted as a care companion for Laker, giving Nicole even greater peace of mind about leaving Laker at home. 


Smart Alerts

This suite of features alerts you in real-time to activity happening in your home. Each alert is saved as a 15-second Cloud Recording video. On/off scheduling allows you to decide when you receive these notifications during your week, so it’s tailored to you and your pup. Smart Alerts include more than five ultra-smart safety features, such as:

Dog Barking 

Dog Barking Smart Alert notifies you not only to the fact that your dog is barking, but alerts you when your dog has been howling or barking for a sustained length of time. Sometimes, your dog’s voice is all you need to know there’s an emergency at home. 

Feature in action: One Furbo parent got the notification that her adorable Goldendoodle, Mooser, was barking up a storm at home, and opened the app to find the house on fire. She quickly drove home and called the fire department, and said “Without Furbo notifying us that Mooser was barking, he would not be alive today. Furbo saved our dog’s life!”

Dog Activity

From running to playing to mischief, all your dog’s movements are captured by Dog Activity alerts. This gives you plenty of adorable moments (seeing your pups snuggle while at work = priceless), but also lets you easily check their dogs’ safety. 

Feature in action: One Christmastime, the owners of Knox, a frisky Australian Shepherd, received a Dog Activity Alert. On opening their camera, they found that Knox had overturned their Christmas tree and was digging through it, looking for candy canes. The surrounding broken glass put Knox at real risk, so his owners swiftly called a friend to come and intervene.

Furbo Dog Nanny alerts are always getting smarter, and we’re always making new additions to keep dogs safer. Just in the past three months, we’ve added all-new Eating Alerts, Potty Alerts, and Running Alerts. For dog parents on the go, it can be a lifesaver to know if your pup has gotten into the garbage or something toxic, and Potty Alerts let you know if there’s been an accident at home you need to tend to. Running Alerts can particularly help dog parents with anxious pups - running at home may alert you of destructive or unsafe activity while you’re gone.

Dog Selfie

Lots of our furry friends quickly learn that treats come from Furbo. They may come and turn their faces to their camera when they miss their treats (and you, of course).  Dog Selfies are a cute surprise that brighten any pup owner’s day, and a fun prompt for you to send them a little treat - or just say hi through the microphone! Plus, for those dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, helping them learn that the Furbo camera is their tie to you is a wonderful way to help keep them calm and happy. 


Person Alerts

True to its name, this feature alerts you to the presence of a person in Furbo’s view. This comes in handy when you have a dog walker or anyone else coming to tend to your pup during the day: not only do you have confirmation that your dog is being taken care of, but you’re able to check in on how the interaction is going. 

Feature in action: Person Alerts are also there for you in the moments you’d never expect, as one Furbo family found. While away from home, they received a Person Alert - and opened it to find an intruder in their home. They called the police immediately, who were able to identify the thief by the distinctive tattoo on his lower arm. All recorded and saved by Furbo with Furbo Dog Nanny.

Emergency Alerts

Our AI-powered Emergency Alerts detect the sound of sirens, home alarms, and even breaking glass. We know that most dog injuries happen in the home, so we work to keep you posted on urgent activity that you would want to know about. 

Feature in action: During the development of glass-breaking alerts, one of our community members, Abel, shared a frightening video of his pup falling through a glass table. He was able to get to her swiftly due to his Dog Activity Alert, but noted that the glass shards could have created a much worse situation. “Being there on time may save lives.” We couldn’t agree more. 


Doggie Diary

If you want to catch up on your dog’s activities but don’t have time to go through all your Cloud Recording clips, this one’s for you! Doggie Diary is a quick (as in, under 90 seconds) highlight reel of your dog’s day, letting you see their major activity. Plus, the jaunty music will make you feel like you’re watching the Pixar movie of your dog’s life! 

Furbo Dog Camera lets you see, talk and toss treats to your dog when you’re not home, and Furbo Dog Nanny lets you do so much more! Check it out on our site for more details.

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