Keep Your Smart Devices Safe from Hacking

We live in an era of smart home devices that make our lives easier, from Alexa to smart vacuums, coffee makers, and thermostats, to our own beloved Furbo Dog Camera. Almost 50% of Americans own a smart home device, and this number is on the rise each year. As much as these devices help improve our lives, we also have to make sure that we practice the proper safety measures to keep our devices safe from outside security hacks.

The number one cause of smart home device hacking is poor WiFi safety: if your WiFi is compromised, so are any of your WiFi-enabled devices. When setting up smart devices, it’s essential to practice good WiFi hygiene.

Secure your Smart Home with these three easy WiFi tips:

1. Separate your home and guest WiFi networks. 

  • Use your guest network for your smart devices. This keeps them separate from the home network that you use for your laptop and phone.
2. Change your password frequently.
  • Keeping your password constant over long stretches of time leaves you vulnerable to hacking. Many IT professionals recommend updating your password every 3 months.
3. Choose a strong password.
  • Your password should be a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. Do NOT stick with the default password on your WiFi router, or use a loved one’s name or birthday. Try using a password generator to get a random, secure password.

You can further keep your smart devices safe from hacking and other security vulnerabilities by using a secure router. These routers scan for vulnerabilities so that your personal data stays safe. Check out PCMag for recommendations, or keep it simple by checking out Best Buy. 

By keeping your home WiFi safe, you guard your smart home devices from hacking. Furbo is all about keeping your pup safe and happy, and with these simple steps, your WiFi can do the same for you. 

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