Best Treats to Use With Furbo

If you own Furbo Dog Camera, you may be wondering what the best treats to use with Furbo may be. Furbo is a two-way communication system which allows you to talk to your dog and dispense treats remotely when you're not at home. This device can be set up anywhere in your home. In addition, you can set up a bark alert so you can be informed wherever you are if your dog is barking.

One of the best things about Furbo (especially from a dog’s perspective) is that there are treats! Furbo dog treats can be dispensed at any time. You can set a schedule for them or you can dispense treats through Furbo with your cell phone or mobile device.

Furbo recommends using DRY, FIRM and ROUND treats that are around 0.5in for best treat-toss results.

The best treats for Furbo include treats which are not too crumbly and not too sticky or wet. Avoid any treats which can get stuck or ruined by being dispensed. In addition, it's important for Furbo treats to be smaller than the dispenser opening. This means that treats between half an inch to an inch in size are ideal.

Furbo users have reported good results with the following treats:


Can I Use My Own Treats With Furbo?

As long as your Furbo treats are small, under an inch in size, don't easily crumble and aren't wet or sticky, they can be used with Furbo. Your dog may have specific preferences and may not like the treats that have traditionally worked well with Furbo. Or, you may have your own special treat recipe of handmade yummies you make by hand. Your veterinarian may have made a recommendation for the type of treat your dog should be eating.

As long as the treats can maintain their integrity while being dispensed and as long as they are smaller than an inch, they should work for you. You might want to do a test run first just to make sure they work.

If you’re making your own treats or have a choice when buying, look for round treats or smaller treats rather than longer treats such as bone-shaped items. Even if the bones are smaller than an inch, they can still be a little more awkward than round options.

If you don't yet have Furbo, are you missing out on a great treat dispensing experience? Sure, you can give your fur companion treats by hand, what happens when you’re not around? With a Furbo, you can interact with your furbaby and talk to them as well as dispense treats when you want.

This is a great option if you work away from home and want to be able to continue training or want to be able to spoil your furry companion. Furbo even has a camera and video camera so you can capture the moment when your dog does something adorable to get their treat.

Available for use with lots of treats and with a convenient app that lets you work the camera and treat dispenser remotely, Furbo is a great option for any dog lover!


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