'Tis the Season to Adopt!

This year has been a doozy, and with the holidays coming up, it’s a great time to reflect on what we can do for one another. This goes for our canine friends, too! If you are ready to invest in a doggie companion, this time of year is actually perfect to adopt a new friend (and click on last week’s post to revisit reasons adoption could be right for you!). Here’s why the coldest season can be the greatest:

  1. If your job gives you time off for the holidays, or you’re working from home, you’ve got extra time to spend getting your dog adjusted to their new home. This goes miles in getting your new friend acclimated.
  2. If you celebrate a holiday that features gift-giving, you’ll get lots of doggie swag from your friends and family, which will help to defray your expenses going forward.
  3. Adopting a dog is a gift for both of you. You can rest easy knowing that you’ve just invested in one of your most meaningful and joyous lifelong relationships.

If you’re ready to adopt, check out the pups below; we’re collaborating with Humane Animal Rescue (along with other organizations) to help rehome 1,001 dogs by the end of the year!


AGE: 7 years, 1 month, 1 week


BREED: Terrier, American Pit Bull



Don't let the name fool you. Monster is anything but! He's as sweet as they come and has quite a spring in his step! He loves to explore and use his snout when he's outside. He also enjoys taking it easy and getting some good rubs and pets. He would love a place to call home where he can get the exercise he needs and all the love he deserves! Monster would prefer to be the only pup in the house, the only king of his castle. Apply to adopt Monster today!

Web bio: https://www.humaneanimalrescue.org/available-pets/monster/ 


AGE: 6 years, 2 weeks

GENDER: Female

BREED: Terrier, American Pit Bull



Well, would you look at that smile! Margo is a happy pup that would be even happier out of this weird shelter environment. She's a very sweet girl and can be a total love bug, but she does take a minute to warm up and would appreciate an adult only home where she can be comfortable and get the kind of love she likes. She can be spunky and silly, and loves going for walks. Margo is truly a great girl, so fill out an application to adopt her today!

Web bio: https://www.humaneanimalrescue.org/available-pets/margo/ 



AGE: 3 years

GENDER: Female

BREED: Terrier, American Pit Bull



You'll be sure to be dreaming of Genie once you lay eyes on her! She's a total beauty queen with a heart of gold. Genie is a perfect blank slate; she's ready to learn all you have to teach her and she'll do it with a smile. She would do well learning some leash manners and likes to use her brain as well as her brawn. Genie would prefer to be the only animal in the home. She likes all of the treats and attention to herself. If Genie sounds like a wish come true, fill out an application below to meet her.

Web bio: https://www.humaneanimalrescue.org/available-pets/genie/