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Furbo Saves Beloved Dogs from Fire!
Dog mom Shayna was terrified when she saw her kitchen on fire with her dogs inside. Luckily, Furbo sent her a push notification in time to prevent disaster. Furbo was designed to give peace of mind and a sense of security to dog owners while they’re away. Furbo is not only a fun and interactive tool to monitor your furbabies, but a pet camera can also be essential for pet safety. 
Furbo Saves Goldendoodle from House Fire!
Furbo users from all around the world love to share their Furbo stories with us, and it's heart-stopping stories like these that remind us why Furbo has become an essential part of dogs and their owners' lives.
Furbo Reviews: Helps reducing separation anxiety - Papillon Luka
Besides using Furbo to see what Luka is up to at home, we mainly use it to interact with him when we’re out. Furbo helps reduce his separation anxiety and makes him happier with the treat tossing feature.
Furbo Reviews: High Quality Video with Night Vision - Nike & Momo
First time I saw Furbo I thought it looked simple and sleek unlike any of the other pet cameras in the market. Furbo brought our family so much happiness by allowing my mom, sister, and I to simultaneously connect with our furry one.
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