Furbo Saves Beloved Dogs from Fire!

This spring, Furbo owner Shayna encountered every dog mom’s nightmare: her house caught on fire with her two dogs, Ruby and Bridge, caught inside.




Shayna drove home honking as her home filled with smoke and her pups panicking, ran upstairs to escape it. With the fire department on their way, she opened her front door to a cloud of smoke and yelled for her 4 year old rescue, Ruby, and Chocolate Lab puppy, Bridge.

“Luckily I got my dogs out just in time and they weren’t sick from the smoke.”

The firefighters put the fire out and cleared the smoke while Shayna and her dogs sat safely in her car. Any longer and the cabinets would have caught fire sending the whole kitchen up in flames.

“I am so so thankful that I had the Furbo because I wasn’t planning on coming home right away from the store and I would have had no idea that this was happening without it.”

Furbo Dog Nanny was designed to keep your dogs safe when you’re not home. The alerts become smarter the more you respond to them, and alert specific behaviors such as barking, running, accidents, eating, fire/CO₂ alarms, and more. These Home Emergency Alerts save lives and we are so grateful we were there for Ruby and Bridge.

“Furbo 100% saved my dogs’ lives.”


Shayna's dogs: Ruby & Bridge

As dog lovers, we know the lengths pawrents go to give their pups a safe and loving home. Even with all the planning and training, there are unpredictable events, even coincidences that can cause a dangerous situation such as this one. This fire started when Bridge jumped up on the counter to get an oven mit, simultaneously hitting the knob that turned on the stove and knocking a measuring cup to the stove top. What are the chances?! Luckily Furbo was there and we hope we can be there for your dogs when they need help too.

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