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My favourite activity is following mommy around! But when mommy leaves my brother and I home alone, I like to lick my feet to pass time to forget how bored I am.

Biggest Accomplishment

I won third place in this small dog eating contest! Didn’t expect that right? Although, I may be small in size but I can eat more than you.



I calculated and mommy is not home for 13hrs per day. So when she’s not at home, I eat the toilet paper or dig through the trash can to kill time. Sometimes I also invite my brother to join me in my schemes.

Biggest Accomplishment

When mom’s not home, I always take care of my little brother! That’s a pretty big accomplishment if you know what he’s like.

Brotherly Shenanigans

One time my little brother peed in the wrong place and I being the clever brother saw some socks lying on the floor nearby. I ran and grabbed them and threw it over to cover the crime scene.


Why Furbo

First time I saw Furbo I thought it looked simple and sleek unlike any of the other pet cameras in the market. Furbo brought our family so much happiness by allowing my mom, sister, and I to simultaneously connect with our furry one.

Live Stream HD Video Quality & Night Vision

When I first tried Furbo, I was very concerned that the camera wasn’t wide enough for me to see my dog during the day. However, after using it I found that the camera has wide-angle lens which is able to capture everything. Almost every single time I go on the App I could see my furry cutie. Furbo also provides crisp live high definition videos. Additionally, I often work late hours and the night vision feature is perfect for me to check on my dog with.

Virtual Interaction during Work

In the past, I would always get separation anxiety and be stressed out when I left my dogs alone at home. I worried that they would be bored, lonely, or be up to no good. Furbo helped with my separation anxiety letting me play with them by tossing them a treat. I am now able to focus on work and be stress free. Now, whenever they hear the sound of the treat being tossed they dart right in front of the camera staring adorably with their big eyes.

Favorite Features

  • Remote treat tossing
  • Automatic night vision

Having a naughty dog too? 

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