Furbo Saves Goldendoodle from House Fire!

Like many Furbo owners, Shannon L., proud pawrent of Mooser, a mini Goldendoodle, bought her Furbo Dog Camera to bring her peace of mind when she needs to leave her pup home alone. She went out to dinner one evening, when she suddenly noticed she was receiving a string of Barking Alert notifications on her phone:

“Furbo kept alerting us that our dog was barking and when we looked at it on our way to dinner, the whole apartment was smoky.”

Shannon turned around right away, discovering that: “Our home had caught fire with our mini Goldendoodle Mooser inside.”


Thankfully, Shannon beat the firefighters to her home and was able to save her precious pup, scooping him out before the apartment filled with smoke.

“Your product saved our dog’s life and we are forever thankful for that.”

We are too. And stories like Mooser’s inspired us to develop Furbo Dog Nanny’s Smart Alerts even further. We trained our AI to use scores of alarms and sirens to develop our Emergency Alerts, a feature that will specifically notify you when an emergency alarm goes off in your home. 

Last year, with the help of Smart Alert features, we saved over 2,000 dogs’ lives; check out our stories here at Furbo Saves Lives!

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