Furbo Reviews: Helps reducing separation anxiety - Papillon Luka


Ever since daddy and mommy adopted me, I began my life as a little prince. My cook (a.k.a. mom) often creates a variety of fresh foods and desserts. My slave (a.k.a. dad) on the other hand consistently takes me out to the park to meet new friends. Although, they both take care of me so well but there is still one thing I am unhappy with. That thing is that every day I must be alone for a certain period of time and I get insanely bored without them here. 

Biggest Accomplishment

I once peed on my dad’s precious XBOX, which resulted in him spending one whole day cleaning it.

Luka’s Shenanigans

When Luka was first adopted he was so afraid of being alone and would do mischievous acts in protest. We would come home to find his evil masterpiece. For example, we would find his dog house flipped upside down, chewed up glasses on the floor, and my XBOX drenched in his pee…

How did Furbo win the heart of the Little Prince?

Luka loves people and loves to snuggle. Every time we’re about to leave the house he would scratch at the door and whine. Apart from the obvious anxiety we see that Luka is feeling when we leave, we come home and find many things in the house chewed up.

Reduce Separation Anxiety

Besides using Furbo to see what Luka is up to at home, we mainly use it to interact with him when we’re out. Furbo helps reduce his separation anxiety and makes him happier with the treat tossing feature.

Stop Mischievous Behavior

Every time Luka hears the treat tossing sound, he dashes towards the Furbo wagging his tail and patiently waits right in front. This allows us to compensate for our guiltiness of not being home with him. A couple times we caught Luka about to do something naughty. Thankfully, we had Furbo which had the two way audio feature that allows us to talk to him before he committed the crime. It is so convenient!


Favorite Features

  • Live video streaming
  • Two way audio
  • Remote treat tossing

Does your dog cry and whimper everytime you leave home?

See how Furbo can ease separation anxiety >>
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